Date and milk are also very healthy foods. They are much better when they come together.
The mixture of palm milk supports the bonding system and helps you encounter less disease.
Drinking palm milk is suitable for the consumption of all age groups from children to the elderly.
Date Milk Recipe Ingredients
1 glass of water Milk
2 or 3 dates
Preparation of
Remove the seeds of the dates and pass through the water. Then leave the dates that you divide into a few pieces in the milk for 5-6 minutes.
At the end of the time, the dates will soften.
You can consume softening dates and a glass of a glass of kitchen for 1 minute.
If you do not want to pass the dates from the robot, you can identify the palm milk mixture in the refrigerator for 1 night and consume them directly without passing through the robot.
What are the benefits of palm and milk? Supports muscle strength and health.
Date is rich in protein, so is milk. When the two are joined, they provide protein content of bone density and muscle health.
For this purpose, it is generally preferred before training and exercises.
It has aphrodisiac effect.
Hurma is thought to have aphrodisiac effect and increases sexual health, durability and libido.
For this purpose, in use, palmas are usually kept in milk for one night and the palm of the next day is eaten and milk is drunk.
Gives energy.
The mixture of palm and milk is also preferred to give energy to the body, increase endurance and combat fatigue.
For this purpose, a mixture is usually consumed at breakfast time in the morning.
Is the source of iron.
It is supportive to combat anemia. For this purpose, it can be consumed by passing a glass of milk and 3 palm robots.
It supports a more vivid and healthy skin.
Milk and palm mixture supports you to have a brighter skin by increasing blood circulation. It provides benefits for wrinkles, acne and other skin problems.
Supports digestion.
It contains fiber that regulates palm and milk, stomach and intestinal paths. Fiber supports easy digestion. And prevents constipation.
It can also be preferred for constipation complaints of older ages.

How many palm is eaten in the diet? This number may vary according to the type of palm. For example, Jerusalem palm has large size, meat, Yüksel Şeker and Yüksel Fiber.
2 of Jerusalem dates are up to 48-50 grams and are considered 1 portion.
With 2 diets, it will be an ideal amount for daily consumption.
In smaller size palm, this amount may be up to 3- 4.

Date and milk diet is quite radical features of this diet. It aims to lose a high amount of weight loss in a short time. Consult your doctor before starting the palm milk diet that is not suitable for everyone. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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