Is green light therapy effective for migraine? Unlike the blue light, which we all have been exposed to numerous times throughout the day, a certain green light wavelength band may be beneficial for people.
Light therapy briefly covers the use of different shades of light and wavelengths to improve human life.
In green light therapy, only different wavelengths of green light are used. The green light is applied for many different purposes, especially migraine, skin treatment, alleviating pain and even fighting depression.
There are question marks about the effectiveness of green light therapy. However, there are research data that supports positive effects, especially for people who suffer from migraine and photophobia. huzura-goturen-terapi/ What is the green light treatment used for? The origin of light treatments extends to the Inca civilization. Light therapy also has a place in traditional Indian medicine and Chinese medicine. Of course, only sunlight has been used in the past for all these applications.
Today, it is not a coincidence in light therapy, especially the focus of green.
Green color creates a serenity and serenity atmosphere based on its reflection in the natural world. And many evidence shows that time in nature, where green is common, leads to many measurable useful changes in the body.

What are the benefits of green light treatment? Is it effective for migraine? Green Light Treatment;
For better sleep,
To combat pain,
For depression,
For migraine treatment
And it is often preferred for skin complaints.
Green light migraine for migraine; It is the most widely defined as a unilateral headache accompanied by hypersensitivity against nausea and light, nausea and smell.
However, migraine is actually more than a headache. Difficulty in finding words is also associated with numerous symptoms accompanying irritability, anxiety, stress and attacks.
A large number of studies have been conducted, which examines the positive effect of green light treatment, especially on migraine.
In one of the studies, the research team; During the migraine attack, patients exposed to normal room light (yellow – white), blue, green and red lights.
As a result of the research, they noticed that blue and red lights exacerbate headaches more than yellow or white lights.
And surprisingly they discovered that green light really reduces the intensity of headache instead of increasing the intensity.

Are there any damages? Green light therapy does not require surgery or receiving any medication.
The person can control when and how to use the light. It can even make the application at home.
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