Thyme oil is often preferred for sore throat.
Is oregano oil effective for sore throat? According to scientific research, thyme oil has proved that there is a highly effective type of volatile oil in killing bacteria in people with oral and respiratory infection.
Thyme oil is known to have antifungal, anti -inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

How to use thyme oil for sore throat? Thyme oil is not a direct oil like many other essential oils. It must be used by diluting, whether external or internal. Otherwise, it may cause unwanted side effects due to intense effect.
It may also have irritating and burning effects in pure use for skin.
Thyme oil; It is often used by dripping into water in cases such as sore throat or flu and flu.
You can drip into a glass of drinking water only 1-2 drops of pure essential thyme oil is enough daily. It is recommended not to overdo this amount.
Gargle with water dripped water is an effective method in war with throat infections. Instead of drinking, you can use some more thyme oil in the water you will prepare to gargle.
This amount can be up to 4-5 drops. More volatile oil can cause extra sensitivity and burning in the throat.
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Thyme juice intensively contains all the healing of thyme thyme, quite dense and heavy.
Thyme juice is also full of healing of oregano. However, oregano oil is not as intense form. Irritating, burning effect is lower.
With this feature, thyme juice is a product that can be used for throat infections.
The quality of thyme juice is of great importance at this point. The water must be prepared by traditional distillation method and that the thyme of thyme should not be separated from the water!
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Thyme oil paste is to prepare a paste to take advantage of the healing of thyme oil.
The paste is easy to prepare and is very practical to use. This paste immune strengthening is resistant to diseases.
The basic material of the paste is raw calf. Pine honey or flower honey can be preferred. It is important that all ingredients are pure, without mixture.
250 gr raw honey
7-8 drops of thyme oil
6-7 drops of mint oil
6-7 drops of sage oil
All the ingredients are mixed in a deep container and stored in a shelf that does not take the sun with the mouth closed at room temperature. This paste is pleasant flavored and suitable for children’s use.

Thyme oil is found to have a healing effect of Carvacrol, which is contained in this oil, according to recent scientific research.
This substance has been shown to break down the DNA structure of the corona virus and have the power to destroy the virus.
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