Kaolin clay is a cosmetic clay with silica rich and neutral pH. This clay also has its place and importance in horticulture.
It is also called white clay or Chinese clay. However, green, white, pink and yellow kaolin clay are available.
The clay, which has the lightest structure compared to all other clays, is kaolin.
Clay is one of the most effective substances fighting with oily skin and acne. However, some species dry the skin much more than desired. This can cause sensitivity to the skin and a new number of other problems.
Kaolin stands out with its excessive drying. So much so that it can be used even in dry and sensitive skin types.
What are the benefits of Kaolin clay to skin? It absorbs excess oil on the skin. When applied with water as in most clay types, it penetrates the pores when applied and then pulls excess oil from the skin. But unlike other clays, Kaolin clay does not attract the moisture of the skin too much.
Cleans the clay causing acne from the skin. Especially the green colored kaolin clay absorbs the dirt and bacteria that accumulate over time while pulling the oil from the skin.
Glines the skin. Kaolin clay is an ideal and gentle natural peeling because it has a slightly rough texture. When applied to the skin by massaging, it removes dead skin cells. Not only that, but also accelerates blood flow on the skin.
Kaolin is the most effective in accelerating blood flow.
Sinds the skin. It is especially effective in combating itchy insect bites and redness.
Reduces redness and irritation on the face and has the ability to combat mild inflammation. Pink Kaolin is the highest soothing color.

Kaolin clay mask is the most common and most common way to add the clay to your skin care routine.
You can easily apply the Kaolin skin mask at home. The mask cleanses the pores deeply and soothes the skin to reduce tone differences.
If your skin is too oily and tends to acne, bentonite is also possible to use clay and kaolin. Bentonite clay’s oil absorption property is very high.
When you use the two flakes together, the peeling effect will also increase.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/bentonit-kili-250-gr-%100-bentonite/ However, it is wise to add honey to the mixture as well as honey.
Kaolin clay mask is applied to the skin for 10 – 15 minutes after applying to the entire skin. When it is completely dry, it is cleaned from the skin with warm water.
It is also possible to use Kaolini as a skin cleaning product. Like other skin cleaners, it does not foam but its cleaner is very high. Cleans the dirt, residues and dead skin on the skin.

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