Peryavşan grass or hairy short mahmut grass
It is one of the wild medicinal plants mixed frequently with many other plants. It grows widely on high hills and on the edges of the field.
Latin name: Teucrium Polum
Peryavşan grass has its own smell and a slightly bitter taste. White flowering and hairy structure. It is a plant of Ballıbaba family.
In short, it is also referred to as Yavşan grass or short mahmut grass. However, there are many different plants mentioned by these names.
Among other names; bitter grass, hemorrhoids, white psoriasis, dwarf grass, yeast grass, white psoriasis, parent -father thyme. Apart from these, it has numerous local names.
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The most widely mixed plant is the plant, also known as pelin grass, slow or bitter slot.
Pelin grass is also known as short mahmut grass. However, this is completely different.
Latin name: Artemisia is known as Absinthium.
It is a plant that blooms, blossoms, fragrant and healing.
What are the benefits of peryavşan grass? It is a plant with a place in traditional medicine for a wide range of reasons.
Gas reliever. It is used for indigestion, gas pains.
Nausea is used in vomiting complaints. Increases body resistance.
It is used as sexual desire and strength enhancer.
It is used for hemorrhoids.
Infection is anti -infection. Antiseptic.
It has external use for mushrooms and dental abscesses.
It is thought to be effective for prostate.
It is also known to be used to lower sugar and bad cholesterol.
It is diuretic.
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How to use peryavşan grass in infants? In some regions, the plant has the use of infants to alleviate gas pains. It is known that it is usually brewed like open tea and drinks 1-2 teaspoons to the baby. In addition, there is a local form of use by applying to the navel.
Attention! However, you must consult your doctor before using it for babies!

Peryavşan grass diabetes is one of the most common causes of use is to reduce sugar.
Diabetic patients are consumed by the approval of a doctor. It is usually brewed like tea for this purpose and consumed as much as 1 tea cup a day.
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Peryavşan grass tea should not overdo it while consuming tea. The use of pregnant women is not recommended.
It is known to be used by cold brews instead of hot. To do this, 1 pinch of peryavşan is kept in cold water for 2 hours and drunk after filtered. Long -term continuous consumption should be avoided. After a 15 -day use, a break should be suspended for a while.
Peryavşan grass tea is prepared for a while as a cure for gas, indigestion.
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