Karnıyarık grass seed is an alternative product that you can use in any kind of pastry recipe you can think of.
In the recipes it is used, it makes the dough softer, puff puff. It causes the dough to rise better. It ensures that the mortar is dispersed, a full consistency.
In short, a pastry recipe acts as eggs, yeast, yogurt and even some baking powder.
In addition to these practical effects, it offers a high amount of healthy herbal fiber to the body. Provides a long -term satiety. It regulates intestinal movements and helps to get rid of constipation.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/karniyarik-otu-plahumu-planto-psyllium-100g/ Seeds are usually used in pastry after being grinded fresh. The seeds that are kept in water for 10 minutes before adding to the dough mortar come to a more adhesive consistency. It is recommended to use this way especially when preparing bread mortar.

Recipes with Karnıyarık grass
Where is Karnıyarık Herb powder used?
The seeds are suitable for entering all kinds of pastries. It is used in bread, pastry, cake recipes. It is suitable for gluten or gluten -free recipes. Since the taste is not very prominent, it adapts to both sweet and salty flavors. Karnıyarık grass Bread Recipe You can apply the recipes that you use as classic for bread making by adding an extra cauliflower grass powder. Karnıyarık grass makes the bread more easily and more full. The fiber content will also increase. It is necessary to keep the seeds in water for 10 minutes before adding the mortar. *1 teaspoon of 250- 300 grams of flour is sufficient. *1 teaspoon of cauliflower seeds are kept in half a glass of water. As the amount of dust used increases, the amount of water should increase.

Karnıyarık grass cake recipe It is a recipe that can be consumed by vegetarians and even vegan people who limit allergic bodies to animal foods and animal food consumption. Materials 2 cups of Karakılçık wheat flour A little less sugar from 1 glass of water A little more olive oil from half a glass of water TEFLE 1 teaspoon of carbonate (baking powder can also be preferred) 1 tea glass mineral water Half teaspoon salt Half teaspoon of dust cinnamon And 2 teaspoons of cauliflower seed seeds Preparation of Let’s beat the sugar with the seeds of cauliflower weed in water for 10 minutes to gel. Then add the liquid ingredients and add the latest solid ingredients and pour the mortar into the mold. Let’s send our cake to the oven set to 200 degrees. It has a cooking time of 15 – 20 minutes. Let’s check it from time to time. At the end of 20 minutes, let’s take our cake out of the mold and serve warm. Enjoy your meal.

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