Salicylic acid is a component that is frequently included in the content of products designed for acne and similar skin problems.
This component has pore cleanser and purifying the skin from dead skin.
If you want, let’s start with a much more basic question before moving on to the effectiveness of this substance, how to use it, whether it is safe:
What is salicylic acid? Salicylic is a spontaneous beta hydroxy acid in natural plants such as SA or SC, willow shell.
Salicylic acid shows anti -inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
It also has an exfolian effect to remove the dead skin cell.
It promotes less acne formation by reducing sebum production of the skin.
Many facial washing and purification products designed for acne and blackheads are used.
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Is salicylic acid effective for acne? According to many experts, salicylic acid is a very effective product for treating acne.
SA is especially effective for pus acne, white -head acne, small hard pimples and black spots.
At home salicylic acid low concentration products are products that you can apply yourself at home. High concentration products can only be applied to the skin by specialist dermatologists.
Low concentrated salicylic acid can be administered daily to acne skin for a certain period of time. If applications lead to excessive drying and peeling on the skin, the day can be applied, not daily.

Salicylic acid and chemical peeling can be performed by products with 50 %salicylic acid concentration by applying to the skin by experts alone.
This application has a peeling effect on the skin. It is generally preferred in intense acne skin.

What are the side effects? These effects may vary depending on the skin structure, the product used.
Among the most common complaints
Skin dryness,
Skin flaking and rash,
Burning on the skin,
Sinking on the skin,
Skin is slightly irritation.
Test the product in a small area of ​​your skin to avoid a possible side effect before using SA. If a reaction does not develop, maintain the application.
Be sure to protect the skin from sunlight after SA applications!
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Salicylic acid and benzoid peroxide benzoid peroxide is another topical agent that can help acne treatment.
It is an antiseptic that destroys bacteria that may cause acne.
Benzoil peroxide can be used alone. However, it is usually used with SA.
Benzoyl peroxide is not considered suitable for people with sensitive skin and eczema.
Products with higher concentrations higher than 2.5 %for benzoyl peroxide are not considered safe because they will cause irritation and dryness. nasil-kullanililililililililililililililililir/ You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informational articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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