Rounding; Nesting or squeezing is a delicious recipe with delicious or delicious fleshy ege cuisine.
This local taste finds its place in intellectual cuisine. Therefore, it is also referred to as “intellectuals”. However, it is a recipe made in our Aegean provinces except Aydın.
This delicious recipe, which requires a little laborious, dexterity and patience, is prepared especially at weddings, invitations and other special occasions.
Rounding, which is frequently prepared with boilers, is served to guests. Water is served with pouch yoghurt – non -yogurt -. The yogurt is added to the yogurt, the additives of pure butter and powdered pepper.
Geographical registration works for Aydın rounding are already continuing.
Essentially, the number of materials used in the construction of this dish is low. However, there are a few important tricks to be considered. Apart from that, it requires some hand dexterity 🙂
Beef is preferred when preparing rounding. Olive oil is used to fry the prepared squeezes.
Squeezing is boiled after frying in oil. Frying squeezes in the first place have a crispy consistency. These cries can be eaten in a simple way.
The baked squeezes can then be thrown into the freezer for a juicy meal. It is quite long in the freezer.
Aydın rounding resembles Milas sour meatballs in terms of flavor and recipe. However, the flour rate of rounding is higher than sour meatballs. And the prepared grains are much smaller than sour meatballs. Both recipes are cooked with chickpeas.
Visually, it is often mixed with the dumplings. enlightened rounding recipe -Aydin squeezing
Squeezing materials
For the dough
Half kg low -fat beef ground beef
1 medium onion
A little less flour from 1 glass of water
1 egg
Black pepper
For frying
Olive oil
To boil
Black pepper
Red powdered pepper
1 handful of boiled chickpeas
2 tablespoons of pepper and tomato paste mixture
2 cups of drinking water
Preparation of
Transfer the ground beef into a large container. Grate the onion. Break the egg. Add salt, pepper. Knead your dough by adding the flour gradually.
Usually the mortar does not enter parsley. However, you can add parsley on request.
When a soft consistency that does not stick to the hand is obtained, take small pieces from the dough and roll in the palm.
The parts should not be larger than hazelnuts.
After all the mortar is rolled, fry in a deep saucepan in olive oil.
Rounding -Block- How to cook? How many minutes is it cooked? In another saucepan, chickpeas, butter, salt, pepper, powdered pepper and tomato paste are brought together. The ingredients are added to the water after a little angry. Finally, the squeezing is added to the pot and cooked in a controlled manner for about 20 minutes.
It is served with a little bit of pouch yogurt with water on the ready -made squeezes and hot pepper heated in butter.
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