Kekreyemiş fruit and Kekreyemiş dust frequently make a name for itself. This red -grained fruit, also known as Lingonberry; He cleanses the liver, prevents liver fat, breaks insulin resistance and even provides weakening!
What are the benefits of Kekreyemiş? What is the fruit of Kekreyemiş used for? Kekreyemiş, which has intense vitamin C and antioxidant content, is often preferred to provide fat burning in the body.
It is a liver -friendly eaten, but also a strong diuretic.
In the treatment of stomach disorders such as egastritis, it is preferred as fresh during the season.
It has antibacterial and antiviral properties.
It reduces the risk of developing cancer.
Where does the Kekreyiş fruit grow? Where to grow in Turkey? Kekreyemiş is not a eaten specific to our lands. However, in recent years, it has started to be grown in our country and has been adapted to the climate of our country. Especially in the Black Sea region, the Kaçkar Mountains skirts and high yields are cultivated.

What is Kekreyemiş Powder? What does it do? It is quite difficult to find fresh in our country. It is often sold in the market in dried and powdered form.
Kekreyemiş dust is mostly not alone; Sandaloz gum, cherry stalk, cinnamon, green tea, amber flower, such as a variety of edema and help to lose weight with plants are offered as a mixture product.
These mixture products are used for weight loss and support for diet. It is also sold in Kekreyemiş capsule form.

Does Kekreyemiş dust lose weight? Does Kekreyemiş dust weaken? It is known that this special plant, which has the effect of accelerating metabolism, supports fat burning. Healthy weight loss is possible with the use of regular sports and healthy nutrition.

Is the fruit of Kekreyemiş used on an empty stomach or a full stomach? If it is preferred for the purpose of support for weakening, it is recommended to use it on an empty stomach.

Who can’t use the dust? People with chronic discomfort,
Those who use regular medication,
Pregnant or nursing women,
And it is recommended that kidney patients avoid using kekreyemiş fruit and dust.

How much is the dust used per day? This powder should be consumed in a way that does not exceed 2 teaspoons per day.
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