Monk fruit
If you are looking for various alternatives to artificial sugar to use in your kitchen and desserts, this fruit can attract your concerned.
Coconut sugar, palm extract or stevia; As an alternative to white sugar, among those who have already succeeded in entering our kitchens.
What about the monk fruit? Have you heard his name before?
This article is for those who are curious about the monk fruit, the natural sugar alternative, which will increase its popularity in the coming days, even though its name is not mentioned yet!
This fruit; It is a fruit specific to China and Thailand. Just like coconut, the monk fruit is not considered appropriate because of the first conditions for growing in our country.
Siraitia is a special fruit that does not contain calorie, similar to Luo Han Guo melon with its most original name.
This fruit is processed and powdered and can be easily used in the kitchen just like artificial sugar.
How is the taste of the monk fruit? Luo Han Guo is incredibly sweet. Artificial white sugar can be as sweet as 100 to 250 times. Therefore, it is sufficient to use very very low amounts in the tarfiler.
Due to the intense sweetness of the monk fruit, mixed products prepared with other natural sweeteners such as Stevia have been prepared. Stevia is less sweet, so that a balance is achieved.
This fruit is not suitable for consumption by biting directly like apples and pears.

What are the benefits of the monk fruit? This fruit has 0 calories. This feature makes it a great sweetener alternative. In addition, as a completely natural sweetener, aspartame, such as Sakarin, but is much healthier than artificial sweeteners.
It does not contain carbohydrates. It is suitable for the diet of low carbohydrates and even keto fed people.
Glycemic index is low. Even the monk fruit is also considered as zero glycemic or non -glycemic product.

Attention when buying a monk fruit sweetener! As we mentioned before, mixture products are often sold. This wonderful natural fruit is unfortunately used together with artificial products in some cases.
When buying the product, always check the content. Make sure that all the contributions in the mixture are natural, and that it contains only sweeteners you want to use.

Is the monk fruit heat resistant? Yes, it is heat resistant. You can safely apply the recipes prepared by cooking with sweeteners prepared from this fruit.
However, it is not appropriate to prepare a recipe prepared with 2 cups of sugar with 2 cups of fruit powder powder. Therefore, you should apply the recipes prepared directly with such sweetener or discover your own original recipe.
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