Lavender history is a plant that dates back to 2500 years ago.
The History of Lavender Historical Motherland is the Middle East, India and of course the Mediterranean, which is thought to be the Mediterranean, there is a different species beyond the forecasts of the legendary plant.
The widespread use of the plant in Egypt in the history of lavender is remarkable. Wound, burning healing lavender ointment is widely used in this period. Today, lavender can be produced even in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America.
Lavender is a floral plant from the historical mint family. The name is the same root as the word “lavare”.
In the Roman period, it is known that people “washed” themselves with lavender. It is a known fact that they equip their bathrooms, beds, clothes and even their hair with lavender flowers, lavender juice and lavender oil.
In mythology, Lavender is connected to the daughter of God Zeus, and represents it. It is believed that Artemis takes the purple color of his hair from lavens. In Rome, the lavender history was not limited to the pleasant smell of the lavender. This special plant was medically utilized and medication was produced.
Lavender species are known to have more than 450 lavender species in the world. These species are usually listed under 10-12 basic species.
Some of these species are completely wild and grow in nature without changing the human hand. Karabaş grass, which is widely grown in the Aegean coastal regions in our country, is one of the most healing of these species.
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Lavender usage areas are generally preferred for the use of lavender for medical purposes.
Lavender oil lavender oil; It is obtained by distillation method.
Antiseptic is an anti -inflammatory aromatherapy oil.
It is known to use insect bites, sunburn, small cuts, small burns and pimples.
It alleviates headache with its smell and migraine. It makes it easier to go to sleep. To benefit from these features, it is sufficient to drop 1-2 drops to your pillow.

Is Lavender Eat? Of course, lavender is a plant that can be enough for mint family. However, due to intense odor and aroma, direct consumption, such as mint, is not common.
It is usually brewed as lavender tea.
But this is not the only way to carry lavens into our kitchens, even though the first thing that comes to mind is to brew.
Lavender; It adds a floral, light sweet and elegant flavor to salads, soups, meat and seafood, desserts, cheeses, bakery products and candies.
It is especially common in French cuisine.
The flower parts of the plant are generally used in meals. However, the handle parts are also suitable for consumption.
Only the flower and buds of the plant contain lavender smell.
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