Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that is widely grown and consumed in Southeast Asian countries, especially in the Asian continent.
It is a species that grows spontaneously in tropical rain forests.
The Latin name: Artocarpus Odoratissimus Mang, Mereng, Bread Tree, Tarap is also known as. It has also started to be recognized in our new country. In our Mediterranean regions, especially in Antalya, cultivation is also done.
Jak fruit seedlings and jackfruit seeds are also sold and these seedlings are of great interest.
Jackfruit grows in Turkey? Yes, Jack Fruit is suitable for production in the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal provinces in the territory of our country. Jackfruit tree especially loves hot and rainy areas. It is resistant to drought.
The image of the fruit is interesting. The outer surface is entirely covered with rods.
It is a bit of trouble to clean the fruit and make it ready to eat. For this reason, it is often cleaned, separated from its shell and sold sliced.
The fruit is delicious and mature.
It can be eaten raw or cooked.
https://egepazarindan.com/graviola-tarcin-elmasi-neee-yetisir-faydalari/ While not fully mature, the fruit resembles chicken meat and has a taste and appearance. It is also preferred with this feature from vegetarian kitchens. It is served as the main course in various world kitchens.
When the fruit is fully mature, it loses this feature. Sweetened. In this form, it has a taste like mango or pineapple.
It has a unique sticky structure. The smell is dominant, some people may not like this smell much.
Both the fleshy and seeds of the fruit are suitable for consumption. However, the seeds must be cooked before eaten. Otherwise, it may have a toxic effect. This is not the case for the fleshy parts. It can be consumed raw or cooked.
One feature of the Jack fruit is that it is the largest size fruit grown in the tree. An average Jack Fruit is larger than a large watermelon.
Jackfruit is a high fruit. Provides support for healthy digestion.
He is a heart -friendly and cancer fighter. Reduces the risk of getting diabetes.
Fiber is rich. He fights free radicals. It contains intense vitamin C, B vitamins and manganese.
The effect of slowing skin aging is supported by experiments.
Glycemic index is low but high -calorie fruit and naturally has fructose content. Therefore, of course, it should not be overcome in consumption.

Where to Sold Jack Fruit? It is possible to find the fruit in chain markets and internet stores that sell tropical fruit.
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