Ödem Tree incense is a natural wood incense that has been very valuable in spiritual ceremonies and meditation studies.
The woody, strong smell of the pay tree offers a unique atmosphere for yoga. Woody main note smell; Fruit and soft flower notes are also accompanied. As an image, it is an unpretentious tree piece. But when it meets fire, things change and the intense smell fills the entire room and fascinates you!
ÖDAĞACI; Agarwood, Oud, Udi Hindi and Kutsi Hindi, is also known as the Ud Hindi names. Udi Hindi has an important place in Islamic religion and finds its place in Islamic religious ceremonies.
Pay tree incense is relaxing. If it is burned in the bedroom, it helps to move away from stress and fall asleep more easily.
The reason why it is used in meditations and rituals is that it facilitates focus. This pleasant smell is inspiring, believes that it increases creativity, and helps the mind fill the new fresh thoughts and to recover these thoughts.
The odor of the edemal tree is a unique, very prominent and active odor of psycho. It triggers emotional memory, helps to remember past powerful emotions.
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When we are angry, sad or stressful with fragrances and brain chemistry, our brain secretes intense stress hormones. These hormones activate stress hormones such as inflammatory proteins such as cytokine and cortisol. They can greatly disrupt the cognitive function. This is the reason why stressful people perform worse than normally.
At this point, some special scents can help us. Close bonds were found between the smell of a number of special scents and relaxation and relaxation.

Smells that are good for the brain
Ud tree smoke
The Tree is one of the most special scents. The fragrance of the filling crisis, the smell of vanilla and the smell of sage and the smell of the brain are the smells that stimulate the brain.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/enerji-teizligi/” Color = “Purple” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now examine [/Button] Buddhism and Ödem Tree incense Buddhist and Hindu priests to cleanse their minds and increase their concentrations For thousands of years, they have burned the incense of payment during meditation. This tradition is still ongoing because of their increasing focus capabilities, productivity and the bond between the Od Tree Modes.
How to Burn the Tree Tree Incense? The payment made into small parts for burning as incense; Derince should be burned in a heat -resistant soil, glass or metal container. Oud is exposed to fire for 30 40 seconds with the help of a lighter or match from the incense tip. Thus, incense flames, flame is blown and extinguished and burned for the incense is left to the bowl to give good smell. Od tree incense can be burned over and over again when extinguishing. It can be reused for different times. If you want to benefit from the healing of this private tree and experience the pleasant smell that surrounds the entire environment, you can get it at Egepazarindan.com. Check out our page for everything else you will need for energy cleaning!
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