Marshmallow flower is a healing plant from the hibiscus family. The flowers of the plant are generally used in pink, purple, fuchsia. The leaves of the plant are similar to the hibiscus leaf.
What are the benefits of marshmallow flower?
Does marshmallow weaken? Painkiller.
It is diuretic.
Regulates blood sugar.
Reduces bad cholesterol.
It cuts appetite, provides support to weakening. Yes, it is a plant with marshmallow weakening effects!
It helps to sleep comfortably and quality sleep. It is perfect for insomnia.
It fights cold and flu.
Dry cough cuts in a short time.

When is the marshmallow blossom collected? Marshmallow, as of June starts to open the flashy flowers. As of June, flowers can be collected during the summer.
The roots of this special plant are also collected and consumed. Roots, flowers can be collected in autumn as of September.
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How to dried Marshmallow Flower? The drying process is quite easy, the flowers of the plant are collected during the season and laid on a large tray or cloth and placed in a shade that does not take direct sun. Light wind of the flowers where the flowers are placed accelerates drying.
Flowers are mixed occasionally, reversed. In this way, Hatmis will be dried within 2-3 days.

When is Gülhatmi flower planted? Marshmallow is a plant that grows spontaneously in nature. However, it is also possible to collect the seeds of this plant and grow in your own garden.
Gülhatmi cultivation can be done in spring and May April and May.

Where does the marshmall grow up? Marshmallow can grow in a very wide geography. In the provinces of the Aegean and Mediterranean region, it is frequently seen in rural areas with the summer months.

How to Make Marshmallow Flower Tea? The most common way of use of hatmin is to brew as tea. The flowers are generally brewed after dried. But there is no harm in fresh use.
A cup of tea should be prepared for 2-3 pieces of hot water.
The water is heated and the bottom of the water is closed. Flowers are thrown into the hot water and left to the brew for 5 minutes.
Marshmallow can also be brewed together with the hybiskus. Marshmallow does not give a lot of color to hot water, but the hybiskus gives beautiful color. If these two plants are brewed together, a beautiful red tea is obtained.
Optionally tea can be sweetened with honey.
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Flower & milk that is good for coughing
How to Make Marshmallow Flower Milk? Marshmallow can also be prepared with milk instead of water. The belief that does not exceed milk marshmalls is often preferred for cough.
Marshmallow tea recipe can be applied exactly. The only difference is the use of hot milk instead of hot water.
It also has a expectorant effect when prepared with marshmallow milk.

Fack of marshmallow flower yes, this wonderful colored flower is also prepared. It is essential that the leaves are collected and filling quickly without closing.
Marshmallow stuffed mortar is prepared with rice or bulgur with olive oil.

Rose marshmallow jam Gülhatmi jam is prepared from fresh marshmallow. Cinnamon and cloves are also used in the production of this natural jam with a great color.

Marshmallow Flower in Pregnancy
Can pregnant women use marshmallow flowers? The use of marshmallows very often during pregnancy is not recommended. The reason for this is that the flower has a removal effect.
Especially in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, it is recommended by experts to be away from marshmallow consumption.
There is not enough scientific research on Gülhatmi and its effects on pregnancy.

Is the marshmallow flower given to the child? Children under 7 years of age should not be given marshmallow.

Are the marshmallow flower and hibiskus the same? No, these two different plants are two completely different species, although they are from the same family. They are often mixed and called with the same name.
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