A miracle product that is released in Europe and America as an aged garlic extract is mentioned. This product; Emphasis is emphasized with heart health, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome. In addition to the benefits of garlic extract on heart health, other benefits are mentioned.
Comprehensive scientific research also supports the positive impact of this product called “AGED Garlic Extract ğinde on heart health.
What is the essence of aged garlic? Freshly sliced ​​organic garlic at room temperature, up to 20 months – for 2 years – stainless steel tanks in the juicy ethanol solution obtained by aging the reinforcement food.
Fresh garlic is difficult to digest in the stomach, and as we all know, it leaves a long -term disturbing smell in our breath and even on our skin. Garlic, which is kept for a long time, is purified from these negative features.
This is an essential, intestinal friend.
The aged garlic extracts have been proven to be much more effective than other garlic -based supplements such as garlic dust or garlic oil.
In addition, these products, fresh garlic feature, as the fragrance and the stomach is hardly digested in the stomach.

What are the benefits of aged garlic extrudes? As mentioned above, the most important benefit of aged garlic extratrate is on heart health. But their benefits are not limited to this. The aged garlic also supports many other functions in the body.
Cope with stress
It is supported by research that this essence significantly reduces various stress -associated hormone levels. It is also known that it helps to alleviate stress by restoring some brain chemicals directly associated with stress reduction.
Gum diseases
Aging Garlic Extract, daily use and gum inflammation, decrease in gum bleeding are observed.
Intestinal health
It has been observed that it has provided significant benefits in intestinal health with regular use for a period of 3 months, providing diversity in the intestinal microbiota.
Brain health
It strengthens short -term memory and is considered as reinforcement food in protection from Alzheimer’s disease.
As a result, the aged garlic extract seems to be a safe and effective reinforcement that can help to eliminate health problems in many countries and America in Europe. This special product has recently been offered for sale in our country and has attracted attention.
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