Milas tray pastry recipe; Hand -opening is a very troublesome, plenty of grassy, ​​plenty of olive oil is a very delicious recipe. It is also known as its pastry.
Pastry prepared with abundant olive oil and seasonal herbs is prepared by cooking slowly in the oven. The unique crispy dough separates it from the other pastries and even takes it one step further.
This tray pastry, known as Milas Pastry, is duly prepared in various parts of Muğla and even in various parts of Aydın.
Let’s examine this recipe, which cheered up with plenty of Aegean grass, greens, abundant olive oil, some cheese and a thin crispy dough! Milas tray pastry recipe recipe does not change for the inner mortar of the tray pastry. The inner mortar may vary according to the season. During the seasons of fresh Aegean herbs, mortar becomes much richer and delicious.
If you cannot find weeds, you can also prepare the same recipe with plenty of spinach, dill, chard, parsley, onion.
If you’ve tasted this pastry before, you’ve noticed that a few prominent weed aromas came to the fore. These herbs are high -flavored wild sweats, nettle and tangle. Your tray pastry where you use these 3 wild grass will be really delicious!
Another important trick is the use of olive oil when making Milas tray pastry. Milas pastry contains a much higher amount of olive oil compared to other pastries. Most of this oil is used in the inner mortar of the pastry. Some of them are added when opening the dough.

For the mortar:
Up to 250 g of mixed fresh spinach and chard
Mixed Aegean Herbs up to 250 grams (Kazalayağı, Poppy, Hibiscus, Network, Görmen, Angel…)
2 -3 handle leek
4-5 vineyards fresh onion
Additional dill, parsley, fresh mint
1.5 cups of olive oil
5-6 tablespoons of village cheese
1 egg for top
For the dough:
1 kg of whole wheat flour
1 cup of olive oil
2 teaspoons of salt
Water as much water
Preparation of
A soft dough is obtained with flour, water and salt. After the dough is sufficiently kneaded, it is left to rest for half an hour.
In the meantime, the inner mortar, which is pre -cleaned, extracted and free of water, is well finely chopped and blended. The cheese is also added.
Olive oil is not mixed directly into the mortar. It is applied between the pastry.
The rested dough is divided into 10 – 12 pieces. The glands are opened as thin as possible.
2 doughs are laid at the bottom of the greased tray and start to arrange. Abundant olive oil is applied on the dough. Abundant greens is added on the oil. In this way, all doughs and mortar tray are stacked. On the top floor, at least 3 doughs should be laid on top of each other. Abundant olive oil and eggs are applied on top of the pastry.
Pastry is sliced ​​before being sent to the oven. It is allowed to cook in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes.
Milas tray pastry can be served cold or hot. It is served with buttermilk prepared with pouch yogurt or pouch yogurt.
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