Monstera Deliciosa; It is referred to as a camel base or a Swiss cheese. Very large leaves. When the fruit is fully mature, it can be eaten and in fact these fruits are quite delicious.
Monstera has a numerous, bright green leaf. The leaves are very wide and perforated.
It is essentially a tropical rainforest plant. Snake.
The lower part of the leaves of the Monstera Deliciosa species is distinguished. In order to distinguish the species, this part where the leaves end and the body starts can be controlled. Monstera Borsigiana, a similar species, is not found.
Monstera Deliciosa; It is not a tree or shrub type plant. It is known to behave like ivy in nature. The plant has a whip roots outside. The plant should be kept in large pots in order to easily fringed these roots.
The leaves of the Monster are one piece and without holes when they first come out. Reminds the heart shape. As the leaves grow, the holes are slowly formed.
Is the camel base fruit eaten? The fruit of the plant has a mixture of bananas and pineapple. However, when the fruits are not yet fully mature, they are very poisonous. At the same time, the plant’s core water is poisonous.
Although fully mature fruits are edible, no part of the plant, including roots, trunks and leaves, should not be eaten.
Monstera plant care can be grown easily even in environments that do not receive too much light. In fact, the plant likes the sun, but does not like sunlight hitting the leaves directly. Sudden and direct sun may cause the plant to grow. It can burn the leaves.
The semi -shade hall corners of the interiors are ideal for the continental plant. It can live just below another taller plant, and in the half -shadow in balconies and in the gardens.
The camel base should be stored in airy environments. This is important for protection from possible plant lice.
Monsters especially love the morning sun, light breeze and moist environment.
The cleaning of the leaves is often dusty with the large and flat leaves of the plant. These dust accumulated on the plant can be wiped with a damp cloth. However, coarse powder should be taken with a dry cloth before using a damp cloth. Otherwise, the direct use of the wet cloth clogs the leaf pores of the plant with dust.
The plant can also be washed directly. Especially in windy weather, it is ideal to burn washing in the open area.

Monstera soil mixture & change 4 scale plant sediment
1 scale coal
1 scale shield stone (lava stone)
This mixture can be used for Monstera by blending well. In addition, a mixture of nutritional supplements can be made to the plant before winter.
The peat in the mixture nourishes the plant. It provides coal cleaning and serves as a carbon filter. And the volcano stone also provides soil drainage and makes the soil permeable.
The pot used for the plant should be six holes. If the pot is not a hole, it is also a good solution to use two pots intertwined.
Before the plant is placed in the new flowerpot, it is good to put some volcano stone on the base. This provides drainage.
When changing pots, the soils around the roots of the plant should not be extracted and should not be cleaned.

Camel base rooting can be reproduced from the body for the plant. For healthy rooting, there should be at least 2 3 knots on the body to be used.
Rooting can be done directly in the soil or in water.
If it is to be reproduced in water, water should be added to the rooting water of the plant from time to time. Water should not be completely changed at once.
If the replication is to be made in the soil, specially prepared reproduction soil should be used.

When is the camel base reproduced? They are the most ideal times with spring and summer reproduction.

Monstera Variegata (Monstera with White Reduction) is the type of white stained in the variegated structure of the Monstere. Also known as the albino camel base.
Much more rare. Plants with these white stained need much more sunlight than other monsten. The maintenance of the species is relatively more difficult.ğililikleri- nerler/ You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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