Gunpowder tree shell; It can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as losing weight, preventing constipation and relieving the stomach.
The shells are consumed only in dry form and cannot be used while fresh. The shells of the gunpowder tree are peeled in the spring, dried throughout the summer and start to be consumed only in winter. The completely dry time of the shells takes quite long and takes almost 1 year.
The Latin name: Although Rhamnus Frangula has numerous health benefits of the tree, the interior is absolutely not suitable for consumption. Moreover, it is poisonous.
The most common way of use of shells is brewing and consuming as tea.
A nice flavored tree gunpowder tree can also be used as incense. It is believed that the smell of this incense is good for headache, nausea and sleep problems.
The gunpowder tree is a short, dwarf species. And essentially, it is specific to North Africa. It grows in the mountainous lands of the Black Sea region in our country.
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