Night Eating Syndrome (Night Eating Syndrome) is a condition that brings along sleep and other health problems.
With this syndrome, people often maintain dinner after dinner. This triggers significant sleep problems. The person faced with sleep problems continues to eat at night at night. What are the symptoms of eating syndrome? With this syndrome, people usually receive at least 1 in 4 -fate of their daily calories after dinner.
They wake up at least 2 days a week at night and eat.
Other common symptoms are as follows:
Non -appetite in the morning
The desire to eat intensely between evening hours and pre -sleep
Ongoing insomnia complaint
A strong belief that he has to eat to sleep and sleep after waking up
Negative feelings such as guilt, restlessness and unhappiness during and after eating
Especially in the evening, the worse and depressed mood

Causes Night Eating Disorder Syndrome? The cause of this syndrome is not known exactly. Experts think that some hormones can cause this.
This syndrome is more common in people with obesity or other eating disorders.
The history of depression, anxiety and substance use is common in people with this syndrome.

What is Night Eating Disorder Syndrome Treatment? Studies on this disease are still inadequate.
On the other hand, antidepressants and cognitive behavioral therapies can help in the treatment.
In addition, various relaxation trainings can help shift appetite from night to morning hours.
Some experts prescribe melatonin and melatonin -enhancing substances as reinforcements in addition to patients with syndrome.
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