What should be nutrition for joint health? What are the foods, vitamins and minerals that support joint health?
Many people of almost all ages;
Especially when the weather changes,
Depending on the intense exercise routines,
He complains about joint disorders and pain as a result of arthritis and similar complaints affecting joints.
In fact, it is possible to improve these complaints with simple diet changes and a few reinforcements.
https://egepazarindan.com/bama-tohumu/ Reinforcement foods that support joint health chondroitin
Condroitine is found naturally in the human cartilage. Helps soften joints.
It is usually taken into the body with glucosamine to reduce joint pain and support joint health.
In additional form, chondroitin is known as sulfate.
Glucosamine is a natural component in the cartilage.
As people get older, the natural glucosamine levels of the body decrease, so reinforcing this substance is of great importance to keep the cartilage in the joints healthy.
Glucosamine is found in various ways.
Glucosamine is thought to be the most effective form to manage problems such as joint inflammation and osteoarthritis.
Magnesium for joint health
Magnesium is a very versatile mineral. The benefits of the body include support joint health and alleviate pain.
Which collagen collagen for joint health
Skin care is vital for bone and joint health. Type 3 collagen is preferred especially for joint health.
It is very important in joint health.
Calcium; It works with vitamin D and other nutrients to support joint health.
It may be greatly possible to provide calcium to our body through food.
At the points that are not enough, calcium can also be taken in reinforcement form with the approval of your doctor.
It is accepted that the daily requirement is an average of 1,000 mg.
MSM is found in humans, animals and plants.
It is known to help to cope with arthritis and to alleviate pain and inflammation in the joints.
Vitamin D
Some studies show that low vitamin D levels are associated with joint discomfort and pain.
Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium. Calcium makes the bones stronger.
Vitamin K
Both K and vitamins are required for calcium to function correctly in the body.
Therefore, it is also important to get enough vitamin K to improve joint and bone health.
According to a new study, a significant improvement in bone health of women receiving vitamin K2 supplements and a lower risk of fracture was found.
Omega-3 fatty acids
Especially oily cold water fish.
However, many people prefer to buy Omega-3 supplements in the form of fish oil or cryill oil.
These oils direct the body to produce chemicals fighting inflammation.

Foods that are good for joint health
Plants that are good for joint fluid
Turmeric (Kurkumin)
The turmeric plant contains a highly active component called kurkumin, usually used to manage joint pain.
Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and can strongly help in relieving arthritis pain.
Ginger is a miracle food that is frequently mentioned by helping indigestion and other digestive disorders.
Do you know that ginger can also help joint health?
A new research on ginger and joint health has discovered that ginger significantly reduces the hardness and pain in the knee joints.
Akgünlük is a strong anti-inflammatory. According to a recent study, it reduces the joint pain, inflammation and joint hardness of the gum gum and improves joint function.
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This plant -specific plant contains the component called iridoid glycosides with an anti -inflammatory effect.
There is some evidence that Satan claw can help inflammation associated with arthritis.
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