Can tomato leaves eaten? Or are the leaves poisonous? We talk about the small and soft leaves of the plant, not the small leaves of the hard structure of the tomato.
These leaves are pleasant, soft, soft and yes completely edible feature.
Contrary to popular belief, the leaves of tomatoes are suitable for consumption similar to greens such as arugula and parsley.
The leaves are both delicious and nutritious.
So why is there a general perception that these tomato leaves are poisonous and cannot be eaten?
Tomatoes; It is from the Family Family. Eggplant and bitter red pepper is also included in this family. Other members of the family are oleander, baldrity and high grass. These herbs are known for their poisonous.
Tomato also contains some components contained in these toxic species. However, stems, leaves and of course tomatoes are completely safe for us. Yes, if we are sure that the leaves are completely safe, let’s take a look at what we can do with these leaves:
Tomato leaves can be collected throughout the tomato harvest.
The collected leaves are generally used fresh.
One of the most enjoyable methods of evaluating high -flavored and fragrant tomato leaves is to use them in pesto sauce with mint and basil leaves.
After the leaves are boiled and dried, they can also be mixed directly into the pasta or noodle mortar.
Thus, a nice green color, fresh home noodles or pasta can be prepared.
Is tomato leaves toxic? The large size, delicate leaves are completely safe unless they are excessively consumed. In order for leaves to have toxic effects, weight should be consumed. This applies to many other foods that are considered safe.
Dark green leaves of the hard structure just above the tomatoes are bitter tastes and contain very high fiber. Therefore, these small leaves do not eaten.
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How to make fertilizer from tomato leaves? Another way to benefit from tomato leaves is to prepare a special fertilizer mixture with them.
This fertilizer mixture protects your flowers and vegetables from insects and diseases.
It is easy to prepare the mixture:
Fill the tomato leaf as much as it takes to a jar.
Add water over the leaves.
After closing the mouth of the jar full of tomatoes and water, then rest in a dark cupboard. Listening time is about 12 – 15 days.
At the end of the time, a dark liquid is obtained. This liquid is mixed with water in 1 -1 ratio and poured into the plants bottoms.
Tomato fertilizer contains high nitrogen. It nourishes plants and protects from harmful pests and diseases. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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