“Orchid does not bloom, what should I do?” If you are one of those who say this detailed article will be for you!
Why doesn’t the orchid bloom? The reason why orchids do not bloom is most commonly caused by temperature.
Exposure to high air temperatures, especially at night, causes the orchids to stop blooming.
In order to trigger the opening of the orchids new flowers, the temperature at night must be 10 to 12 degrees lower than the day.
If there is no temperature difference between day and night, the orchids probably do not open new flowers.
When the night temperature is 12 ° C to 19 ° C, the most accurate temperature is caught for the orchids and plenty of flowers are taken.
Orchids should always be kept away from heat sources such as stove, stove, heating.
The most common causes of orchids do not open new flowers are as follows:
Inadequate sunlight,
Lack of fertilizer,
To be very dehydrated and very low moisture rates,
Excessive irrigation,
Wrong pots selection,
Inadequate pruning.
“Orchid does not bloom, what should I do?”
How does the orchid pru? Orchids usually bloom only once from 1 pointed end. This means that a spike completes and can be cut after giving flowers.
After giving flowers, it slows down orchid ears that do not prun and slow the opening of new flowers.

“Orkid gives leaves but does not bloom”
How much water does the orchid want? Orchids are plants who love moisture. When the humidity in the air is based on 50 %, it is the ideal for them.
For this reason, the most ideal room to grow orchids in a house is actually bathrooms.
Unlike other plants, the orchids are the reason for the “bathing”.
Positioning orchids very close to the heat resources in our homes (such as stoves, heating stoves),
Exposure to the air conditioner,
Exposure to direct sunlight also causes it to be deprived of the moisture it wants.
Staying without moisture causes the orchids to lose too much water than their leaves. The roots shrink and the flowers begin to fall out.
Orchid does not bloom, what should I do?
The leaf, root and flower parts of the orchids on a daily basis should be watered with fishes and extra moisture should be provided to the orchid.
Apart from that, once a week in summer, orchids should be taken once in the winter months.
In this way, the orchids will bloom plenty of high moisture and water.
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