It is a natural substance known as Mumiyo or other known names with Mumio, Mumijo, Mumie, Moomiyo, Mummiyo and Shilajite.
The word “mummy ında is the meaning of the word. Adhesive structure.
What is Shilajit Mumiyo? This natural substance, which is thought to have miraculous effects on the body, is the consistency of paste or gum.
With the combination of plants, soil, rocks and rain, it slowly occurs in a natural form.
It contains more minerals than what is in the human body.
It is a unique fulviz acid store. Fulvic acid is a valuable and active substance found in the soil. It is very rich in ketones, vitamins and minerals.
It is located on the hills of the highest mountains on the Asian continent, between the rocks and in high caves. It is most commonly available in the Himalayan and Everest mountains.
It is also known as “Tears of the Mountains” because it is unique to the special regions, ie high mountains.
It is a very expensive and valuable substance. Mumiyo paste or Mumo Capsule is sold. There are also products in Mumio cream or ointment form.
It is of great importance in traditional Asian medicine and Ayurveda medicine, and its name has spread all over the world.
Mumiyo is a substance mentioned in the old written sources. Ibn Sina, Biruni, mentioned the effects of Aristotle mumion.
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What are the benefits of Mumiyo? Immune strengthening,
Cancer protector,
Aging delaying effects are prominent features.
It is known that support is used as a product in the treatment of infertility and obesity.
Libido enhancement is emphasized that the effect of increasing sperm quality and number in men is emphasized.
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Mumiyo and male infertility According to a scientific study conducted in 2010, statistically significant increases were observed in the total number of sperm and sperm mobility of men using 100 mg mumo for 90 days.
The purposes of the mumiyon are not limited to these. It can be used externally as well as internal use.
It is preferred for complaints such as baldness and intense hair loss. It supports the growth of hair more lush and faster.
How to use? For hair, the capsules are usually used by melting and adding to the shampoo.
Mumiyo user reviews are often positive. Some of the people who use it argue that they have more robust bones and eyes better. There are good results in the fight against baldness.

How’s the taste of Mumiyo? How to use? It is difficult to say that this substance is delicious. This is not surprising because it is preferred for healing, not for its flavor. It is black, it has a grounded taste. It is usually used by melting in water.
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What are the Mumo Harms and Side Effects? Although it is natural and safe for most people, do not consume raw or unprocessed shilajit.
Mumio while raw state; It may include heavy metal ions, fungi and other contamination.
For this reason, standardized, purified, controlled products should be preferred.
The number of scientific research on Mumiyo is quite small. Therefore, data on the safety of regular and long -term shylajit use are insufficient.
Pregnant and nursing women and children’s mumio use are not recommended by experts.
This article is not recommended. For information purposes. Consult your doctor before starting using Shilajit.
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