This plant, known as a flower of peace or sail flower, is a great salon plant.
This plant, which is a lilies genus, is essentially a tropical plant.
Latin name: Spahyllum Wallisiiasıl Peace Flower in some cases bends its flowers and dicks and begins to fade.
In this case, the plant will need some care and support.
How do Solmus Peace Flower revive? The problem of a peace flower that begins to fade is most often dry pot soil and low moisture in the environment.
This plant is a tropical species as we have arisen and therefore needs high moisture.
The dry air in the environment absorbs moisture in the leaves of the peace flower and causes the leaves to bend their neck and then yellow.

Why is peace flower fading? Apart from low moisture and dry soil, the reasons for fading sail flowers can be listed as follows:
Excessive irrigation and inadequate drainage,
Preference to the wrong flower pot and flower pots,
The soil is too tight,
Food inadequacy in soil,
Ambient temperature of over 30 degrees.
What should I do?
In order to save a peace flower that begins to yellow, the work needs to be started by presenting the moisture that the flower needs.
For this, the leaves should be watered daily with fisfis. In addition, the plant should be watered once a week and make sure that the soil has a good drainage.
It should be considered that the ideal ambient temperature for the plant is between 20 and 29 degrees.
Peace flower pottery change is a common complaint, especially after the flowerpot change in this plant.
The reason for this is that a very large pot is preferred for the plant.
There are too many soils in a large pot, too much soil remains moist for a longer period. If this moisture becomes more than the precaution of the flower, decay starts at the root and the plant fades.

How should the sail flower pot be? Since plastic and glazed ceramic pots are impermeable, it holds water longer and can cause decay and mantar in the roots. Therefore, it is not suitable for your plant.
Unpleasant clay and soil pots are more suitable for the needs of peace flower with their permeable structures.
In the change of flowerpot, it is very important to choose the previous flowerpot 1 (2 or 3 lengths) elder, that the soil in the pot is not too tight and the holes in the lower part of the flowerpot are very important for your flower to be long -lasting and healthy.

“Flowers of peace flowers open green” This is a situation that makes people who are newly informed of the peace flower. However, it is actually quite normal. The buds are green at first, green buds turn into green flowers and then white mature flowers. Lastly, he turns brown and dies. This is a completely natural cycle. The fact that the flowers are green in the first place should not worry. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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