Pomegranate breaking tradition extends from today to ancient times. Pomegranate; It is a magical fruit with a symbol of abundance, abundance, prosperity, renewal, luck and fertility.
Unpretentious and simple from the outside; Inside, it is not a coincidence that this red, colorful, abundant and fertile fruit is used in fertility rituals at the beginning of the new year!
Pomegranate breaking pomegranate crushing is usually designed within a week before entering the new year. It is a tradition that has a place in different cultures in the world. In our country, the longest night of the year, on December 21 (on the winter solstice), this tradition is met by crowded groups and repeated in households.
Pomegranate household is also broken on the door sill to call abundance, abundance and chance.
A clean, relatively young soul, which is seen as lucky in the households to break the pomegranate, takes on this task.
In the oldest tradition, the pomegranate is hit by hitting the door. According to the belief, how much of the broken pomegranate is scattered in places, the more luck of the household in that year, the more fertility will be.
Pomegranate breaking ritual is essentially made not only when entering the new year, but also in weddings, when establishing new partnerships and starting new jobs.

Reading prayer while breaking pomegranate prayer, expressing wishes from the new year makes it easier to focus on the ritual and strengthens the ritual.

Breaking the pomegranate at the door: Pomegranate exploding is a tradition that calls the abundance of abundance at the outer gate of the household while entering the new year.
Usually Pomegranate is broken with the exterior of the door during the New Year week or hanged on the door or next to the door to stay there for a while. If the pomegranate is hung on the door, it is removed from the door in the first hours of the new year.
How to break pomegranate? Pomegranate is traditionally broken by hitting the household door. Instead of the door, another hard floor can be preferred. It is also common to draw with a knife from the outer surface before breaking the pomegranate.
Pomegranate is sometimes common in a bag to keep the scattered grains scattered and scattered around.

What time is pomegranate breaking? Pomegranate breaking future is widely made on December 21st. In the midnight of the longest night, the pomegranate breaks at 00:00.

What does pomegranate symbol? Pomegranate is a fruit that represents fertility, abundance, abundance, luck, prosperity and happiness. The basis of this belief is based on ancient Greek mythology.
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