Paraben is a component that can coincide with a wide variety of skin and hair product labels. The use of this component and the damage to health are highly controversial.
The number of consumers who are sensitive to this issue is increasing day by day.
So what are these parabens? What are the damages? Why is it so widely used in product contents?
Water is included in the content of all products prepared on water. The positive contribution of water to our body is of course undisputed. However, the products that are used in the production of water, ie skin care formulations prepared based on water -based bacteria, mold and fungus formation show significant predisposition.
In order to prevent these unwanted formations, fabricated manufacturers add various protective agents to the content of the products.
The composition of the formulation, the ratio of the water used in the product to the oil and the pH level of the product, depending on factors, different products are protected with different preservatives and their shelf life is extended.
The parabens are one of the components that take the task of this guards. Parabens as a protective also varies.
Not all parabens have the same effect in the formulation and in our body.
This means that every paraben type is not harmful or safe for us!
Methylparaben is harmful? For example, Methylapen is seen as one of the most severe threatening species among all these species.
There are scientific studies that reconcile the methytilParaben with a wide variety of complaints from mild skin irritation to various neurological and respiratory toxicity.
The biggest and crucial problem with the Methyparabens is the ability to mimic estrogen when it is included in the blood circulation in the body!
Especially in women, high estrogen levels can bring a wide variety of health problems.
In pregnant women, it may carry very serious and vital threats to developing fetuses.
Is your paraben harmful? It is wise to avoid paraben in the most ideal way.
However, despite increasing demand and awareness, more than 90 %of personal care products today contain this item!
Especially on the skin, it brings a greater risk compared to products such as shampoo and hair conditioner which is purified with paraben water used in products such as cream, lotion and serum. And through the skin, it is likely to be involved in our blood circulation.
According to their risk, paraben species are classified as follows.
High risk:
Sodium methylparaben
Middle -level risk:
Sodium propilparaben
Low level risk:
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