Propolis Bosphorus spray can make your life easier especially during seasonal transitions. These sprays can be purchased ready and of course you can prepare them at home!
Propolis; Made by honey bees; It is a natural nutrient that helps immune support, alleviating sore throat, general oral health, wound healing and more.
The component’s component varies depending on which plants of bees use.
However, different species and colors (green, brown, black, yellow, etc.) have similar therapeutic benefits.
What are the benefits of propolis spray? It is supported by a new study in which a throat spray containing propolis significantly reduces discomfort in participants with sore throat.
In addition, spray;
It is soothed with irritation with a wide range of antioxidant compounds (flavonoids, casinos and more).
It helps to balance the mouth/throat micro bioma.
This 2-3 component, which is rich in bioactive compounds, is supportive to soothe sore throat spray. nerler/
Propolis Bosphorus Spray Recipe Ingredients
Four teaspoons of propolis tincture *You can do it yourself or buy it ready.
Dörtçay spoon raw honey or manuka honey
Clean water is slightly more than half a teaspoon -depending on it, to thin consistency-
Preparation of
Add propolis tincture and honey into a jug.
Beat the two materials thoroughly, and then transfer the mixture to a small, small glass spray bottle. Extra water can be added to the request. It’s that simple! Your spray is ready!

How to use propolis spray? How to hide? You can use Propolis spray many times a day by squeezing 2 or 3 times at a time.
You can use your product for 6 months without stale or intact. If you used water in the product, this time will be much shorter -for about 2 weeks
If you are allergic to honey and other ARIN products, do not use this spray!
It is not suitable for the use of children under 1 year of age.

Is propolis throat spray swallowed? There is no harm in consuming the spray by swallowing. articles, current product and price lists, our campaigns to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our instagram page.
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