Coriander seed; It is a plant from a similar family with parsley, carrots and celery.
The leaves are consumed freshly during the season of the plant. The seeds are grinded and used to sweeten food all year round.
Coriander, also known as Chinese Maydonosis, has found its place in a wide range of world cuisine from America to India.
In addition to its pleasant smell and aroma, coriander is among the spices held in the world with its positive effects on health.
What are the benefits of coriander? It reduces blood sugar!
Scientific research shows that coriander seeds have the effect of lowering blood sugar and increasing insulin release.
ATTENTION! Due to this feature, people with low blood sugar levels and those who use diabetes should be careful when using coriander!
Strengthens immunity!
Antioxidant -rich coriander seeds fight free radicals and prevent cell damage.
There are a number of studies showing that prostate, breast, lung and colon cancer cells slow down the growth.
Support for digestive and intestinal health!
The seeds of the coriander plant accelerate healthy digestion.
Complaints such as abdominal pain and bloating may be reduced.
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How to use coriander? Coriras are used as a spice to taste the most common dishes, especially soups.
Sauce with yogurt sauces and soups, chicken and fish furnace dishes with coriander seeds captures a nice harmony.
And of course, coriander grains are also used in pickles. These tiny grains add a flavor, especially for pickles of tomato!

Slimming with coriander seeds is also preferred for weakening the seeds of the coriander. For this purpose, the grains are usually brewed like tea and are consumed in this way.
Coriander tea is consumed just as much as a tea cup just before meals.
How to brew coriander seed tea? For 1 cup, 1 teaspoon of coriander is boiled in boiling water for 10 minutes and consumed warmly.
How to consume coriander seeds? In order to benefit from the seeds in the most ideal way, it is necessary to crush it lightly before boiling and let it release its aroma.
The benefits of coriander to the skin are many. It is particularly soothing for acne, for corrupt skin.
It can be used as a tonic after brewing like tea and cooling completely.
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