Dry apricot; Fresh apricot is one of the most popular fruits. Let’s take a look at the close relative of the peach with a balanced sugar ratio, let’s take a look at the unknown benefits!
Maybe most of us eat apricot only for the flavor. Drying we consume throughout the year. The place of jam, compote, and compote is of course separate!
Apricot is a fruit with numerous positive contributions to human health as well as its flavor. Moreover, it is easy to find, almost every region of our country grows with high yields!
What are the benefits of dried apricots to the skin? Apricot supports your hair and skin beauty. Provides support to cope with problems such as acne, eczema, itching on the skin. Dried apricot is even higher than those who are fresh.
It regulates blood pressure!
It is regulating the high potassium amount and brain functions and blood pressure. The potassium in the dried apricot is high, ideal.
High Calcium Rate!
Regular apricot consumption is protective against bone resorption.
It also supports athletes and body developers who do heavy sports with the amount of high calcium and potassium it contains.
It is protective against widespread bone damage and breakage in older ages.
Protect from cataract!
It has a protective effect on cope with diseases that damage the cataract and similar eye lens. Contains vitamin A.

Dry apricot against constipation! One of the most common features of apricot is that it is intestinal friendly. Apricot has a laxative effect and relieves constipation.
Cellulose and pectin contained in apricot are highly effective for intestinal health.
1-2 dried apricots that you will consume just before the meal will activate the digestive system and intestines.
It is possible to get the daily vitamin K needs from apricot!
4 medium -sized dried apricots you will consume daily will meet the Vitamin K you need daily. 4 dried apricots allows you to enter your body.
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Does dried apricots weaken? Dried apricot is seen as a fruit that supports weight loss with its high amount of antioxidants and positive effect on the intestines.
Cancer fighter
Recent studies show that apricot does not see the value it deserves yet. However, this simple fruit is a strong cancer fighter!
Lutein, which can fight free radicals, contains beta carotenes such as zeakantin, beta cryptoxanthine!

Which apricot should consume? Fully ripened ones should be preferred to get the highest rate of efficiency from apricot.
The color of the fruit should be dark orange, not yellow or white.
Fresh apricot should be soft, not hard.
If the juice of the fruit is to be squeezed and consumed, it should be consumed from the moment without hiding.
In the consumption of dried apricots, it should be preferred in light yellow colored and not those containing sulfur, but dark -colored natural day dried apricots.
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How to consume dried apricots? In particular, dried apricot should be consumed just before meals to benefit from positive effects on intestinal and stomach health. There are many benefits of eating apricots on an empty stomach.
Drinking water on dried apricots is increasing the laxative effect.

How many apricots should be eaten a day? How many apricots should be eaten? The ideal amount for daily consumption is 3-4 dried apricots. This number is not recommended to exceed 5-6 pieces.
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