Lichic fruit is a very fragrant tropical fruit with Far East origin. It has a sweet and light flavor. It is also referred to as Lychee.
What is Lychee? The red outer shell is easily peeled, this outer shell is not consumed. Like the shell, the seeds are not suitable for consumption. The transparent color of the fruit is delicious.
It is known to have a similar taste to Rambutan, another tropical fruit.
To give an example of more familiar flavors, grapes and a light rose water taste.

The most ideal climates for growing leach fruit climate are tropical and subtropical climates.
It is a tiny fruit that grows in a high -leaching tree. The leach tree can reach up to 20 meters length. This tree remains green for four seasons.
For countries such as India, China, Indonesia and Philippines, the main homeland of the leach can be called.
In our country, cultivation has started to be cultivated in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions and coastal provinces. Especially in Mersin, leaching fruit growth has increased greatly in recent years.
On the other hand, it is still difficult to find the leach fruit in our country. The canned of this fruit can also be found in the markets. However, there is a lot of flavor between the flavor of canned food and its fresh.
Liça has high nutritious values. This is also sold in the form of food supplement.
What are the benefits of leaching fruit? Strengthens the immune system, gives fitness.
It is diuretic.
It is painkiller.

What are the Lich Fruit Damages? Lich can suddenly reduce blood sugar. Therefore, controlled use of diabetes patients should be used. People without diabetes should avoid excessive consumption on an empty stomach, otherwise fruit can cause sudden fluctuations in blood sugar. This situation is very inconvenient.
Lycee is counted among allergic fruits. Some bodies can be reacted against the fruit. In particular, consumption of this fruit of people with allergic to sunflower seeds is not recommended.
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