Isot is prepared by more laborious operations of red pepper.
Isot with pepper can be obtained from the same pepper. However, the preparation of the isot is more laborious than the standard stamp pepper.
It can be prepared with chili pepper seed or seedless. When preparing the isot, the inner seed parts of the pepper and the white effect parts on the inner side are extracted.
It is not possible to make the preparation of the isot in drying machines. PEPPERS PREPARED WITH THE TRADITIONAL PROCESS WITH LONG -TERM WAITING IN THE SUN. The peppers are sweaty under the sun, unlike red chili peppers, it is provided to change color and aroma.
In the preparation of the isot, additional olive oil and a small amount of salt are used in the last step. The use of olive oil and salt is also common in the preparation of chili peppers. However, it is not compulsory.
The chili peppers are ideally red. They can be prepared with bitter or sweet peppers. Isot can take a range of colors starting from red and giving purple to black from mord to black.
Color change is directly related to the length of the periods of fermentation or brewing of peppers. It is the time when the peppers that are intended to be described with the fermented time passes under the sun.
Isot should not have a bitter smell when it smells in the most ideal way. When you taste it, a sweet and painful aroma must meet you first. A fine sourness should accompany these aromas. Isot should never be very painful.
One of the signs of this spice, which requires care that requires care, is that the peppers laid in the sun have dried in the mortar and blend with olive oil. The tattoo process is called “burning ..
However, from time to time, low quality and quality products are used instead of olive oil and cheaper oils such as sunflower oil and cotton oil are also used.
In summary, isot and chili peppers are two delicious spices prepared with different processes from the same vegetables.
But what is the difference between Isot and Sumaga, which left both a sour aroma on the palate?
Unlike this dual chili peppers, it is completely different from each other. Sumak spice is prepared by harvesting and frequent grinding the seeds of the sumac plant.
Sumac; It gives sour aroma to the dishes used. However, since it is not a member of the pepper family, it does not contain pain. Nevertheless, Sumac and Isot are often included in similar recipes.
Soups, kebabs, meatballs, lubrications, lahmacunlar, raw meatballs and other bulgurlu recipes… It is one of the flavors that both are very good.
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