Ketogenic diet
In this article; We will talk about the most common mistakes that prevent you from maintaining ketosis while applying an ketogenic diet and causing weight loss to stop.
Consumption of Milk and Dairy Products
Consumption of milk and dairy products may be the obstacle for you to lose weight. In some bodies, dairy products are insulin enhancer.
To understand this, you can maintain a diet completely free of milk and dairy products.
Observe weight loss after removing all dairy products from your diet, including butter, cheese, yogurt and whey protein. Depending on the situation, you can create a transition phase with goat milk products and simple oil when starting dairy products.
During the keto diet, milk is not recommended at all.
Excessive nuts consumption
Ketogenic diet can be applied to muscle increase or a healthier body. However, if your primary goal in implementing this diet is weight loss, it is recommended that you stay away from all nuts and flour obtained from them in the first two weeks of diet. In the following days, nuts can be added to the diet.
Consuming Excess Protein
Other ketogenic excess is not a diet that requires high protein. High protein should not be taken daily at one time. The daily protein taken should be spread to meals during the day.
Very high protein turns into sugar in blood!
Less and poor quality sleep
Quality and adequate sleep is vital in the ketogenic diet as in all other diets. While the ketogenic diet continues, it is recommended to sleep for 8 to 10 hours.
Eating while not feeling hungry
Often, get away from the idea of ​​eating less. This will not make you lose weight. Waking up, sitting on breakfast is not a good idea. Wait for hungry to eat!
Ketogenic diet: Low energy problem has been applying an ketogenic diet for a while, but don’t you feel very good? Not as energetic as before, are you sluggish? You may be doing some things wrong.
If you are experiencing low energy problems;
Make sure you sleep for at least 8 hours.
Be careful about your daily water and salt intake. Increase water intake.
Make sure you don’t exercise excessively.
Make sure your iron level is sufficient as your thyroids work correctly.
You may be doing too much getaway in your diet, reduce the getaways.
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