Fermente Garlic Pickle Recipe; A very healthy and delicious recipe that you can add to a wide variety of alternative menus such as garlic bread and mashed potatoes with garlic.
Let’s take a closer look at the details of the recipe and where we can use this recipe!
Fermented garlic is soft like roasted garlic. But the fermented garlic, contrary to the roasted, has not suffered loss of vitamins, but rather enzymes.
To prepare a fermented garlic pickle, we do not need a start yeast or a special product that initiates the probiotic process.
Garlic is a very special food that we need to include in our diet every day. Polyphenols, flavonoids, organosulfur compounds, vitamin B6, vitamin C and various minerals.
Garlic, a unique friend for our digestive system, is prebiotic.
What are the benefits of fermented garlic? As in other fermented vegetables, as in cabbage or cucumber pickles, fermented garlic supports useful bacteria in the intestines and helps to reduce harmful bacteria.
Fermented garlic is observed to increase in nutritional values.
Fermente garlic, raw garlic is not vitamin K.

How to use fermented garlic? There are a wide variety of ways to evaluate this delicious, delicious, useful food.
We can easily use the garlic we fermented in almost every recipe we use raw garlic.
But if we want to get the highest yield from the fermented garlic, we should also evaluate it without exposing it to heat.
Fermented garlic is less flavored than raw garlic. With this feature, they are used in more than normal raw garlic.
Garlic butter, salad sauce, pesto sauce, salsa sauce and humus fermented garlic are the best recipes.
Fermente garlic can also be added to the pickles prepared at home.

Fermente Garlic Pickle Recipe Preparing the Recipe of Garlic Pickle Tips You know the source, reliable domestic garlic. There are no useful bacteria to initiate the fermentation process in glittering garlic!
For fermentation, use drinking water, not fountain water. Chlorine in fountain water kills useful bacteria!
During the fermentation, open the lid of the jar from time to time and remove the accumulated gas!
Take extra attention to the hygiene of the equipment you will use during fermentation. It is important that the jar lid is new and not used before. Rubber gasket jars may also be preferred.

Fermente Garlic Pickle Recipe of Freedom Place the peeled garlic of 3 of the jar. You can use a small stone to prevent garlic from the surface of the water and prevent mold.
Add saltwater to garlic and stone.
The ratio for salt water should be up to 2.5 tablespoons of rock salt for 1 liter of water. Choose warm water, make sure the salt completely melts in the water.
Turn off the jar and store it in a place that does not take direct sun. Open the lid once a day and remove the accumulated gas.
How many days is the pickle of garlic? Your fermented garlic will be ready for an average of 10 days. It is not recommended to keep it more than 5 days less than 5 days.
When you start eating, you should store the jar in the refrigerator. Enjoy your meal.
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