What is sodium benzoate?
Sodium benzoate, benzoic acid and sodium hydroxide is a synthetic chemical substance formed by bringing together.
The purpose of use is in packaged products; to prolong the shelf life, to prevent deterioration and to restrict bacterial activities.
This protective agent; It is used in carbonated beverages, packaged fruit juices, ready -made salad sauces, ready jams, ready -made vinegar and pickles.
Especially; It is very common for use of gas -added products such as soda, cola, and even in ready -made soft drink products that we think are healthy such as turnip.
Sodium Benzoat is also available in cosmetic products! Not only in foodstuffs, but also in syrups and pills, such as mouthwashes, shampoo, body lotion, deodorant, diaper, baby wet wipes and syrups and pills are used as preservatives from time to time.
You can also see this item with the E211 code on the products in the markets.
Is sodium benzoate harmful? The person in a very small minority reacts to hives -like allergic reacting even when it receives a small amount.
Suddenly, the majority that does not react can experience the negative effects of this substance in a much wider time.
Sodium benzoate danger!
There are various scientific studies that show that there is a relationship between sodium benzoate and leukemia, cirrhosis and Parkinson’s diseases!
It is recommended that this carcinogenic chemical substance, which triggers attention deficit and hyperactivity, makes it difficult to focus on, is recommended to restrict consumption by children, especially by children. In order to ensure this; It can be a good first step to restrict children’s gas, sugary drink consumption.
The use of this substance with vitamin C and potassium benzoate is particularly dangerous. When they come together, a new carcinogen bearing the name Benzen is known to emerge. With this substance, the likelihood of carcinogenic effects and cell damage is highly increasing.
Unfortunately, there are many different products on the market shelves where you can see that these three substances are used together! Being cautious against these products, acquiring the habit of reading the product label is vital for our health!
It may not always write direct names of chemical substances on packages. There are different codes given to each of the products, these codes may be used. You can easily access the lists containing the items corresponding to these codes via the internet.
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