Rock fig is a rare type of fig special to Fethiye and surrounding regions. It is dark purple outside and reddish inside.

It is a small sized fig, its sugar content and glycemic index are lower than white figs, it is soft.Buy Now Get it!

It is ideal to consume at breakfasts and snacks. It is a nutritious alternative to add to children’s lunchboxes. It is the savior of dieters with its low sugar rate and low glycemic index. Moreover, it has the feature of keeping it full with its high fiber ratio.

It is a great alternative that can be used instead of sugar in fit recipes, healthy cakes and cookies. With black figs, you can make wonderful, healthy desserts that will prevent light but sweet cravings.

How to Prepare Rock Fig?

This rare fig; Thyme collected in the mountains, fragrant bay leaves and healing murt (myrtle) fruit is dipped in boiling water and dried after dipping, which is a very laborious and traditional method. This dipping process gives figs a wonderful aromatic flavor. Moreover, thanks to this process, our figs do not need any additional preservatives or additives. After the dipping process, the figs are lightly floured so that they do not stick together.

Cancer Warrior!

Dark-colored vegetables and fruits, such as blackberries, black grapes, blueberries, eggplants, contain anthocyanin and
Thanks to substances such as flavinoids, it has a protective effect against many diseases, especially cancer.

Black fig, which is one of these super foods with its dark purple color, has three or four times the antioxidant content of white figs! The anticarcinogenic and antidiabetic effects of this miracle black fig are too high to be ignored!

Consuming foods such as rock figs, which have high antioxidant properties, delays aging as well as protects from diseases and helps you have a more fit appearance.

Black figs, which are very rich in fiber and potassium, can be consumed together with nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, which are energy and health stores.

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