Chaga mushroom is a special species called “black gold .. The Latin name is far from the appearance of mushrooms with hats that we are accustomed to.
The interior of the mushroom resembling a burnt piece of charcoal is orange and soft; The outside is hard and textured.
Where does it grow? Chaga grows widely in North America and even in many countries in the northern hemisphere. Russia, Alaska, Canada and the United States are the countries where mushrooms are recognized and the most common.
It grows widely especially in birch trees, ashes and maples.
Chaga tea is a species with a place in traditional medicine. It is usually consumed as “chaga tea ..
For this purpose, chopped and boiled after slicing.
With the contact of the mushroom with hot contact, valuable polysaccharides responsible for most of the therapeutic properties are in love.
However, due to the same heat, some beneficial components also experience losses. nerler/ What are the benefits of chaga mushrooms? Supports the immune system.
Chaga is rich in various other compounds that are thought to work synergically with Beta Glucans, a polysaccharide species and immune system.
Polysaccharides balance the immune system according to what is needed.
However, it is also thought that they may have an over -stimulating effect. Therefore, especially autoimmune diseases should avoid uncontrolled chaga.
Gives energy to the body. Fights stress.
Chagen has adaptogenic properties.
This means that our bodies can help to find the balance in physical or emotional stress times.
The grounding, which helps to increase the general resistance of the body, has the effect of centralization.
However, unlike stimuli such as caffeine, adaptogens do not have an instant effect. Generally, regular use is required for 2-3 weeks for a realistic adaptogenic effect.
Supports hair and skin health.
Chaga contains high amounts of antioxidant superoxide dysmutase (SOD), zinc and melanin.
It supports skin pigmentation with this melanin and general skin health. And it provides healthy eye and hair protection.
In addition, they help to resist oxidative stress that can contribute to DNA damage and aging with its rich antioxidant content.
Supports immunity.
Recent research shows that fungal polysaccharides have a prebiotic effect on the intestinal microbiome. And it is suggested that this effect can also contribute to various health benefits.

How to use Chaga Mushroom? Basically, the polysaccharides in the mushroom are removed with water and Triterpenes/other compounds with alcohol. Then the essence obtained; Hot water, smoothie, soup and so on. It is brought to a form that can be mixed with. It is consumed in this way or brewed as tea. our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Instagram page.
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