Vitamin D Vitamin K relationship
It is important to take sufficient vitamin D and vitamin K to our body.
However, as a result of various studies, some experts claim that vitamin D cannot benefit the body when there are no sufficient vitamin K in the body. Moreover, there is a claim that vitamin D may even harm the body instead of the body.
What is vitamin D? Vitamins both D and K are fat -soluble vitamins.
They are generally abundant in high -fat foods.
And when consumed with fat, the effectiveness increases and the absorption in blood circulation increases.
Vitamin D is provided to the body with sunlight. In fact, thanks to these lights, our skin produces vitamin D itself.
In addition, vitamin D is found in oily fish.
Vitamin D has important functions in the body. Responsible for calcium absorption. In deficiency, bone pains, fractures, osteoporosis turn into a common complaint.

What is vitamin K? Vitamin K is commonly found in both animal origin and vegetable nutrients.
Vitamin K is also responsible for the clotting of blood and the correct processing of calcium in the body.
Vitamin D Vitamin K relationship occurs together in the body in calcium metabolism vitamin D and vitamin K together.
Vitamin D provides the protection of sufficient calcium amount in the blood. However, vitamin D is not responsible for vitamin D, not exactly where the calcium is going.

Should it be taken together? In cases where there is not enough vitamin K in the body, vitamin D intake is a general concern that blood vessel can cause calcification and heart diseases.
There are various data that support this concern.
Vitamin D toxicity can cause blood vessel calcification. However, taking sufficient vitamin K with vitamin D can prevent it.
The functions and associations of vitamins D and K in the body are not yet fully illuminated by the people of science.
The secret of how these two valuable vitamin interacted has not yet been solved.
Vitamin K is a definite information that has an important place in heart and bone health.
However, the harmful effects of high dust vitamin D intake to a body with low vitamin K level are not fully clarified. you can subscribe to our Bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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