How to use clay hair? For clay hair, it is often used as a cleaning tool. The use of natural clay on skin and hair extends mainly from today to ancient times.
So clay acts as a shampoo in hair. It is thought that this shampoo may have positive effects from hair loss to improvement of hair quality.
How to use clay hair? There are a few important points to consider when applying the clay to our hair:
The first is as follows; The pH level of the standard shampoos we use is usually around 5-6, which is quite close to the natural pH of the hair.
Although this proximity is accepted as positive for scalp health, toxic surface active substances, such as sodium lauril sulfate, are often used to ensure that it is achieved.
Clay has a much higher pH. This can make the hair matte and sticky during high degree washing.
However, this effect is not permanent. It is simple to restore the natural pH of the hair during rinsing.
A second point is the fact that many shampoos have silicone.
Silicone allows hair to easily slip and shine. For this purpose, it covers the outer surface of the hair with a plastic surface.
If you use a shampoo containing silicone, it may take some time for the hair to purify the hair in the transition to natural cleaners.
This process may take up to several weeks depending on the product types used.
In the meantime, your hair may feel very dry and can easily mix.
As follicles pour the silicone coating from the hair, the moisture balance of the hair is recovered.
Finally, one point that should not be forgotten is that the need of the hair can vary over time.
Cleaning with clay is ideal if your hair gives an oily feel. However, if it is too dry for a long time, it may be a good idea to take a break and focus on greasy, honey recipes for hair. hair is washed with clay? We now know that the answer to this question is yes. But what clay will we wash our hair?
When washing hair with clay, two types of clay usually stand out.
These clays are bentonite clay and rhassoul clay.
Rhassoul Kili is the ideal clay type for this work. However, it is a bit difficult to find and is slightly more priced than other clays.
Rhassoul dries less than other clays and provides a balanced cleaning.
Bentonite clay can be considered the second best choice for this process.
Even though it is too long to keep the hair for a very long time, it gives a good result in an ideal time.
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