Amethyst stone is one of the most widely used precious stones. The reason why the amethystinist is so frequently preferred is the pleasant, eye -catching color and of course the positive effects on our body.
Amethyst stands out with its calming, sereneful, stress -receptive effects.
It calms the state of irritability, balances sudden mood fluctuations, helps to control anger. It alleviates negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, sadness and grief.
Amethyst stone is also intuitive aspect. It supports the increase in differentness and improves psychic aspect.
It is also referred to as “happiness stone” because of these precious effects.
What does amethyst symbol? This stone symbolizes peace and calmness. The stone, which is frequently used to get away from anxious feelings and thoughts, is one of the most suitable natural stones during meditation.
Amethyst is often a stone in the bag as a natural stone or a processed necklace, as a ring, as a ring.
It is believed that the amethyst he carries on him protects the person from negative energies, evil eye and dangerous situations.

How to Clean Amethist? Amethyst stone is one of the easy -to -clean stones. However, the point to be considered is that the stone should not be exposed to heat. There is no problem in contact with water.
Water and some salt are enough for cleaning. If you have access to sea water where salt and water are together, it is a great idea to clean your stone with sea water.
In addition, the moon water you will prepare during the full moon time is another good method for cleaning your natural stone.
When cleaning, be sure to contact the entire stone with water. For this, it will be wise to put the water in a bowl and wait for a while in water.

You can also choose cleaning with incense for cleaning your natural stone cleaning stone with incense.
This is a method that you can use not only in the Amethyst but also in other natural stones.
When cleaning your stone with incense, he makes sure that the stone and fire do not touch each other.
Sage to clean your natural stones with incense smoke will be the ideal choices of sage incense, on -end and palo Santo incense.
Burning your incense and blowing your smoke slowly around your stone. Then put the incense in the tüter situation right next to your stone. And let it smoke slowly. If the incense goes out, regenerate again and renew the process.

How to charge amethyst? What you need to charge your stone is some sunlight with unprocessed rock salt or sea salt.
Put your stone in a small bowl and add enough salt to cover the whole stone.
In this way, leave the movement half -shadow half of the sun between 2 hours and 4 hours. Do not put direct sunlight because it is one of the stones that do not like the amethyst stone heat very much.
Another way to charge your stone is to perform the same process in the light of the full moon, not in the sunlight, in the moonlight.
It is not a matter of concern that it takes direct moonlight or not when loading energy on your stone in the moonlight.

HOW TO USE Amethist Stone? The most common form of using stone is to carry it on you. For this, a raw stone or processed accessories may be preferred.
In addition, having amethyst stone in a hall or in the bedroom in the most time -spent places in the household will be a good method to benefit from the positive energy of the stone.

How to understand the amethyst stone real?
Real Amethyst Stone Properties Real Amethyst Stones are defective. A stone without smooth and color transitions is probably fake.
In addition to purple color on the real amethyst, whiteness, eflatun tones may even be even blue.
In addition to these colors, the scratches and fluctuations on it are normal for the original amethyst stones.
Amethyst nature is not a very soft stone due to its nature. When you apply a needle with a needle, it should not migrate very easily and should not be damaged.
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