Acerola fruit is a tropical fruit, also known as Acerola cherry, Açerola or Barbados cherry. With its appearance, we know the cherry we know, red color, core.
Although it is suitable for growing in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of our country, it has not yet been produced and trade. For this reason, it is not possible to find Aerola cherry fresh in our country.
Rarely, there are companies that sell Aerola seeds or Acerola saplings. It is difficult to find the fresh fruit of Açerola cherry, but this fruit often finds its place in food supplements aiming to strengthen the immune system and the sale of these food supplements is also made in our country.
These tablets, which contain Barbados cherry extract, have dense vitamin C and A content.
Barbados cherry also has positive effects on the skin. It is possible to find Acerola Fruit Masks on the market. These masks are preferred because they increase collagen production and have rejuvenating skin.
It is a fruit added to the content of creams that aim to reduce skin blemishes and birthmarks.
[Button Link = “ ? Regulating blood sugar. It is suitable for the use of even diabetics and even antidiabetic.
It has high vitamin C content. Supports and strengthens the immune system.
It provides protection against flu, influenza and colds, especially in seasonal transitions.
It has diuretic effect.
It is strong antioxidant.
Cancer is known as one of the fighter fruits.
Antihistaminic. Reduces situations such as inflammation, itching, rash.
It protects eye health with high vitamin A content. It is known to reduce the risk of cataract.
It has antibacterial properties.
Barbados cherry contains very high vitamin C content, as well as vitamin A, magnesium, vitamin B3, calcium, iron, folate and vitamin B. It is a strong source of ascorbic acid and polyphenol.

Skin whitening with Barbados cherry ] Acerola fruit, with the polyphenols it contains, skin whitening, skin color has a clear effect. Another reason for frequent preferred in cosmetics is this feature.
The Aerola fruit is often mentioned because of the recent epidemic. The reinforcement that aims to support the immune system against the Corona virus epidemic and reduce the risk of capturing the virus is found in the content of foods.
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