Rosehip Tea is a kind of prickly plant that grows spontaneously in Nature and is very laborious to collect in nature. This plant from the rose family; Rose apple, it nose, it rose, dog rose, wild rose, hole is also known as names. In different regions, tea, jam, pulp, compote, halva, marmalade, jam is made. Used fresh or dried. Rosehip has very strong antioxidant properties with high vitamin C and other phenolic compounds. Due to its high vitamin C content, colds, flu, is preferred to protect from colds. Immune supporting. [Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] Rosehip be eaten? Rosehip is an edible plant. In the regions where it grows, it is collected from fresh branches and eaten. But there are fine hairs in the rosehip bud. It is seen when it is split and looking. These hairs can be disturbing. For this reason, the best way to consume rosehip is to brew as tea.

How many glasses of rosehip tea a day? 2 cups of rosehip can be drunk per day. These 2 cups of tea meet most of the vitamin C requirements and support your immune system.

Rosehip tea can be drunk the next day? Yes, you can drink the Rosehip tea by heating the next day. Rosehip may not give the red color to the water in your first brewing, your tea may be yellowish. In your 2nd and 3rd brewing, the color turns into full red, and when the fruits give the tea the red color, your rosehip tea gets an exquisite flavor.
Rosehip can be brewed and drunk again again until it loses its red color.

Does rosehip tea sleep? Rosehip does not have a sleep -breaking effect such as black tea or green tea. On the contrary, it is known that it has a sleep -bringing effect. However, it is also not recommended to be consumed before bedtime because it is diuretic.

Does Rosehip weaken tea? Rosehip has studies showing that it is highly effective in melting fat in the abdomen.
It is also known to have edema enhancer and metabolic accelerating effects.

When should rosenu tea to drink? Rosehip is a diuretic plant. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink immediately before bedtime or late at night. When drinking at night, your sleep will often divide.
Rosehip tea hungry or full drink?
You can drink hungry or full stomach. The effects will increase when drinking on an empty stomach. For breakfast, weapons can be preferred instead of tea. It gives fitness all day long.

Does Rosehip Tea Menstrual? Yeah, rosehip is a traditional tea. 1 cup of rosehip fruit tea a day before or before menstrual period will allow you to have a comfortable menstrual period and reduce menstrual pains.

How to brew rosehip tea? Rosehip fruits are taken to the teapot after washing and boiled over medium heat for 10-15 minutes. Drinking with the help of blender before brewing the fruits increases the effect of tea.
French Press is not very suitable for brewing rosehip. The teapot should be preferred.
If you want to add pleasant aromas to your rosehip tea, you can brew with linden, apple or pear peel, shell cinnamon and hybiskus.
In our season, you can safely obtain the fruits of rosehip from nature, which are collected from nature and dried in the shadow at [Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] informative articles, current product and price lists You can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our campaigns and follow our instagram page.