Raw sesame sesame seeds is a very valuable plant that grows especially in the hot regions of our country. Especially when uneven raw state, the benefits of human health does not stop counting this plant more closely let’s examine!
Where does sesame grow?
Where to grow in Turkey? Sesame; It grows in various provinces in Aegean, Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia in our country. The main homeland of this plant, which loves heat very much, is Muğla Gökova.

The quality of sesame seeds grown in Gokova is the world famous. A large part of this sesame is imported as soon as it is harvested and is not offered to the domestic market. The demand for Gökova Gold Sesame from many countries of the world, especially Japan, is very high.
Brown, gold or brunette is called sesame seeds.

How to understand domestic sesame? Domestic sesame seeds are presented to the domestic market in contrast to imported sesames. This makes it easy to distinguish domestic sesame seeds.
The outer shell of the domestic crop is dark. Unlike imported and GMO seeds, domestic products can be of different tones and sizes.
The fat content and aroma of domestic sesame seeds are high. The flavor is beautiful to the extent that it cannot be compared with imported white sesame seeds.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/cig-susam/ Generally, consumption with the shell for high yield is recommended.
Apart from Turkey, sesame cultivation is carried out in countries such as Mexico and Somalia.

What are the benefits of eating raw sesame seeds? Sesame plant, antioxidant and iron -rich; It is a intestinal friendly plant.
This plant is frequently used by processing, ie after it is exposed to intense heat and roasted. However, these processes reduce the yield from the plant and even reduce it to zero.
The benefits of raw sesame seeds do not stop counting. The easiest way to get a brighter skin and hair is often consuming raw sesame seeds.
Sesame consumption reduces the risk of developing bowel cancer.
It protects the liver and reduces the effects of damage caused by substances such as alcohol and sugar.
“Raw sesame seeds?” Let’s give you a clear and clear answer if a question like a question: Yes raw shelled sesame seeds are definitely suitable for consumption. In fact, the ideal form of consumption for sesame seeds should be crusty and raw.

Sexual Benefits of Sesame Sexual Power Increasing and Sesame, which has an impact on sexual performance, is one of the most important plants that give energy to the body.
Sesame can be consumed directly in the form of sesame or tahini to benefit from sexual strength.
[Button link = “https://egepazarindan.com/susam-urunleri/ The benefits of roasted sesame seeds are less than raw thirst, but if the roasting process is applied at the right temperature and correctly, yield can be obtained from roasted sesame seeds. Roasting process must be performed at low temperature, one time and continuously.

Where is raw sesame seeds used? There are many ways to use sesame sesame or raw or roasted.
Sesame can be consumed in the form of sesame paste.
As in common, it can be added to pastries, bagels or buns.
It gives a pleasant flavor to the salads and becomes additional healthy fat.
It is also suitable for consuming for healthy sweet intentions by mixing with honey.
It is also common to add to hair and skin masks after grinding.
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