Bentonite clay is a kind of volcanic clay. This clay has the effect of holding the toxic substances and bacteria accumulated in the body and then throwing it out of the body.
Heavy metal detox is used orally for toxic substance detox.
[Button Link = “ -%100-bentonite/” Color = “Silver” Newwindow = “Yes”] is also removed. Ordu, Trabzon, Elazığ, Tokat, Malatya, Eskişehir, Ankara, Çankırı, Biga Peninsula, Manisa and Gallipoli bentonite provinces and regions.
Bentonite clay is a natural substance that has been the subject of thousands of research in the world.
In neurojogic diseases,
In dental diseases,
In skin diseases,
In joint diseases
It was seen that valuable and meaningful results were obtained in autism.
Bentonite also helps the body’s pH balance. Its pH is above 9. Makes the body alkaline.
Bentonite clay may be in liquid and powder form.
Should dust bentonite clay or liquid bentonite clay be preferred? Bentonite is a substance that can be used for very different purposes. If bentonite is to be taken orally, it is recommended to use in liquid form. There are a few reasons for this.
First, the negative ion effect of the bentonite clay in powder state is not active. The negative ion effect is that bentonite attracts negative ions to the environment and attracts positive ions, ie toxicity like a magnet.
Secondly, it is dissolved in water while consuming powder in powder state. But bentonite is very difficult to fully dissolve in water. The most of the bentonite used will not be used in the solution by collapsing to the bottom of the water, ie it will not be used.
If it will be applied more easily if it is to be used on the skin for skin care, powdered clay should be preferred.

How to use bentonite clay? Clay can be used through mouth or external, ie by applying it to the skin.
Bentonite in skin applications; It is used in eczema, acne, cellulite, wrinkle, burns, insect and fly bites.
.com Attention when using bentonite! When using bentonite, care should be taken not to direct contact with metal tools and equipment.

Is it a bentonite clay drink? Yes, bentonite is a drinkable substance. However, the products produced for this purpose should be preferred and used in accordance with the instructions.

How to Make a Bentonite Clay Mask? Bentonite can also be added to skin masks prepared at home. It is common to mix with oats and water. When it comes together with clay, oats and water, it will gain intense paste consistency. This paste is easy and practical to apply to the skin. You can safely obtain 100 %bentonite clamp without mixture through our website. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our Current-History-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Nasil-Kullanıl-Nasil-Nasil-Nasil-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sacil-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sac-Sacil-Sac-Sac-Sacil-Sac-Sacil-Sac-Plot-Plot-Plot-Plot-Plot-Plot-Plot-Plot-Plot-Plot-Plot-Slope/ Campaign Lists, Campaigns and follow our Instagram page. Check out our other blog posts! Wild thyme Inner picker walnut tahin Sesame Paste [/Button] [Button Link =” “Newwindow =” Yes “] Daily Depression [/Button] [Button Link =” Energy-Cleanism/”Newwindow =” Yes “] Energy Cleaning [/Button] [Button Link =” “Color =” Teal “Newwindow =” Yes “] button] Centaury Oil [/Button] [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Sage