What are the benefits of lemon peel joints? Lemon peel contains 2 layers of fiber, vitamin C and polyphenol compared to the juicy meat inner of the lemon.
Lemon peel, which has a more painful taste compared to the inner parts, often goes directly to the trash. However, this outer shell is as valuable as the inner part of the fruit.
Let us examine the lemon peel with numerous positive effects for our body!
What are the benefits of lemon peel? Is lemon peel good for the joints? It is a strong prebiotic.
It is rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium.
Cancer fighter is among the nutrients.
Liver friendly.
It has antibacterial and anti -microbial structure.

What does lemon peel do? High vitamin C supports immunity inward.
It can be a solution for complaints such as gingival bleeding and bad breath.
Edema is a shooter. Supports weakening.
lemon oil
What are the benefits of lemon peel to the joints? In addition to all these benefits, the shell parts of the lemons have a high positive effect on joint health.
The shells have the effect of extending the blood vessel.
It has pain relief and preventive effect.
It contains numerous vitamins and minarets for joint and bone health. (Such as calcium, magnesium, potassium)
When all these positive aspects come together, the shells turn into a miracle food for joints.
In complaints such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatism, support can be used as nutrients.

The great medicine of joint pain is so how to use shells for joints?
There are various methods of using shells. They can be used external and internal for joint complaints.
A mash can be prepared from the shells for external use. What is necessary for this is only lemon peels and a small amount of olive oil.
Only the yellow parts of the shells are grated. White parts are not used for this process. The grated shells are mixed with less olive oil and wrapped in painful areas with the help of a bandage.
In this way, it is kept for 1 hour.

The miracle of lemon peel is to use the shells in olive oil for a while in a more comprehensive and effective method.
3 Fill the shells of the lemon into a jar. Clean the white parts as much as possible. Add olive oil on the shells.
Turn off the jar and let it rest in a place that does not receive sun for 2 weeks.
When the mixture is ready, wrap the shells to the painful areas with the help of winding glands and let it stand.
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It is possible to consume lemon peel tea shells simply brewing like herbal tea.
However, it is of great importance to make sure that the lemon shells you will use do not contain pesticides.
Because most of the harmful drugs used accumulate in the shell parts of the fruits. To minimize the risk, shells can be kept in carbonated water before use.
The shells can be brewed alone or with other teas such as sage, linden, green tea and rosehip.

Boiling the lemon peel and drinking
The shells that you will consume as boiling tea will activate the intestines.
When making tea instead of lemon shells, dried lemon slices can also be preferred.
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You can also benefit from shells to support slimming and reproduce edema.
Not only the shells but also the interior of the lemons are used for cure.
Lemons are sliced ​​in a shell and boiled in a pot. The boiling time is sufficient for 6-8 minutes.
At the end of the boiling, the lemons are filtered and drunk.
What to do with lemon peel? In addition to healing use, you can include the shells in your daily recipes.
You can add to the salads by grating.
You can include in sweet recipes such as cakes and cookies.
In herbal teas, sauces, you can use lemon juice or with lemon juice.
You can also use the shells you stored in the freezer in extracurricular times.

How to grate frozen lemon? It is difficult to grate frozen lemons. Therefore, it is recommended to grate the shells before throwing them into the freezer.
If you have not prepared this way, you will be robbed carrots instead of grater.

Attention! What are the lemon peel damage? Avoid excessive consumption of lemon and lemon peel.
Excessive consumption can cause stomach problems.
It can reduce the body’s iron absorption.
It can cause allergic reactions.
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