What is Moringa tea? Moringa tea is prepared from its leaves, which are the most useful parts of the Moringa plant. The leaves can be used fresh or dried, then crumbled and dusty.
Not only the leaves of the Moringa plant, but also the root and seeds are healing.
What is Moringa? Moringa tree Moringa plant is a dwarf tree species. This tree grows easily and grows very quickly. Moringa nutritional values ​​are a very high plant and all parts of the tree can be eaten.
The plant, also known as Moringa Oleifera, is a plant that grows in our country. In Eastern medicine, this plant, which has been involved in it for hundreds of years, has been preferred to prevent diabetes, anemia and heart diseases.

What are the benefits of Moringa tea? Moringa leaves; Vitamins A, B, C, E are rich in calcium, potassium and protein.
Moringa, which contains very special and valuable antioxidants called flavonoid, polyphenol and ascorbik, is a cell regenerator. Liver friendly.
Moringa benefits are many. For example, Moringa; Constipation is relieving, regulating digestion. In regular use, it provides significant positive effects on skin and hair health. They have a lot of contributions to more vivid hair and a skin that looks younger.
It reduces bad cholesterol and regulates blood sugar.
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Does Moringa weaken tea? Moringa has an accelerating effect on metabolism. It prevents the body from holding fat and provides a long -term feeling of satiety. With these properties, Moringa can be a valuable herbal reinforcement helping to weaken.

How to make Moringa tea? This tea is quite easy to prepare.
2 teaspoons of dried and crumbled moringa leaves 1 cup of boiling water is added and waited for brewing for 3-4 minutes. The leaves are then drained.
Moringa tea should be prepared and consumed fresh. More than 2 glasses are not recommended.

When to drink Moringa tea? Moringaçayı helps to weaken if it is consumed about 1 hour before meals and accelerates metabolism.
In the consumption of tea, it should not be overcome. Consumption of more than 2 glasses before 2 different meals is not recommended.
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Can mothers breastfeeding Moringa tea use? It is not recommended by experts to use the Moringa plant to lose weight by breastfeeding mothers.

Moringa Acacia Tree? Moringa is very similar to the acacia tree, which is common in the Mediterranean climate with its appearance. There are many people who think it is the same tree. However, although acacia and moringa -like appearance, it is two completely different plants.
The seeds of these two types of plants are obviously different. Seeds can be viewed to distinguish.

Where is the Moringa plant? Moringa is a plant that can grow in a wide range of geographies. Moringa tree grows in Endozyada, Mexico, Gaziantep and Muğla.
However, it is not possible for this plant to grow in very high altitude places.
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