Fermente Pickle Recipe & Benefits of Fermente Foods to Our Health
Homemade pickles, kefir, Kombucha tea, homemade yogurt, homemade tarhana…. Many of them have been in our kitchens for hundreds of years, very special foods with intestinal friendly.
Who said that all healthy foods are flavored? Cabbage Pickle, Tarhana Soup… The flavor of these special nutrients that support the health and health of our whole body is the kind that bite the finger!
Let’s take a closer look at the positive effects of fermented foods on our health!
What is lactofermentation? Lactofermentation or fermentation; The other name of sugar and starchs, carbohydrates; It is the process of converting acid and gas with the help of bacteria and fungi.
This miraculous process is the process of the process when we prepare a pickled house yogurt, cabbage or cucumbers. Fermentation is also the reason why all these foods have more or less sour taste.
Fermentation ensures that fresh vegetables and fruits do not deteriorate. All fermented foods and drinks are probiotic rich, that is, intestinal and digestive friendly!
All fermented pickles are Zengi vitamin B. Especially the cabbage pickle offers a very rich nutrient content in terms of vitamin B12.

Should we include fermented foods to our feeding? Fermented foods are very rich in healthy bacteria. These bacteria in the intestines; Produces vitamins. Strengthens the immune system. It fights harmful bacteria that encourage the disease.
Fermented foods allow us to attain a strong immune system. Since approximately 80% of our immune system are in the intestines, it is very important to keep it strong. Fermented foods, which are probiotically rich, help us very much!
Fermented foods are often affordable and long -lasting. Most probiotic -rich fermented food can easily prepare in our own kitchen.
With all the seasonal vegetables that we love and enjoy consuming, we can build a pickle of various fruits. Cabbage, cucumber, pepper, tomato, plum, okra…

How to Prepared Fermente Pickle? Fermente pickle recipe is very easy to install fermented pickles. The important thing is to allow vegetables to do their own work and to pay attention to hygiene rules.
Wash the vegetable or fruit you want. If you are not sure if it contains an agricultural medicine, you can keep it in carbonated water for about 1 hour. Then, cut your pickles to the desired size.
How to make the healthiest pickle? Fermente Pickle Recipe: Tip Point! The faster the fermentation will be the more small pieces of the material you will use for pickles!
After cutting, place your pickled materials frequently in glass jars.
You should only use glass material to install pickles! Plastic, soil or metal containers are not suitable for pickling!
Prepare the brine salt of your pickle with drinking water and rock salt.
Fermente Pickle Recipe: 2.5 tablespoons of rock salt for 1 liter drinking water!
Mix the salt by stirring in warm drinking water and pour over your vegetables or fruits that will be pickles and close the lids. It is important that the covers are used and disinfected for the first time.
Check your pickles from time to time, remove the air and mix upside down.
Your pickle will be ready between 2 and 4 weeks according to the ambient temperature and the material used.
Probiotic bean pickles, lacto fermented beet pickled, probiotic cabbage pickled … Whichever you want you can prepare this method.
There are no additional vinegar or lemon when preparing fermented pickles. Let the vegetables be fermented by themselves, the salt protects it, and to slowly taste it. Canan Karatay Pickle Recipe and probiotic cabbage pickled İbrahim Saraçoğlu are also prepared in this way. Enjoy your meal!
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