Among the nuts of peanuts, the benefits of peanuts do not stop counting. Let’s take a look at the unknown benefits of the peanuts produced in our country! Pistachio, which is often preferred for athlete nutrition with protein content; Vitamin E is very rich in terms of forfor, magnesium, vitamin B, sodium and calcium. Peanuts: Heart -friendly nutrients showing worldwide studies show that the peanuts contribute to cardiovascular health. It reduces the risk of developing heart disease. Saturated fatty acids in it are heart -friendly. Cholesterol is regulator, peanuts help to regulate cholesterol with healthy fats contained in it. When lowering bad cholesterol, it allows good cholesterol to rise. Reduces the risk of developing colon cancer is one of the foods that need to be consumed in protection against cancer, especially colon cancer. Beautify your skin with peanuts! It adds beauty to your beauty with its high E Vtiamini ratio. Moisturizes the skin. It supports the flexibility of the skin, so it prevents sagging on the skin. It is also effective against skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. [Button Link = “ Peanut; Like other nuts, it does not grow in the tree. As the name suggests, it is a plant that grows under the soil. Legume. Peanut is often consumed as roasted. Recently, it has also started to be consumed raw. It is also possible to buy peanuts raw and roast at home to the extent you want. One of the most enjoyable ways to consume peanuts you buy roasted or raw is to consume as a peanut butter that you can easily prepare with the help of a kitchen process. [button link = “ How to make a paste? Let’s prepare a healthy, artificial sugar -free peanut butter together! Let’s flavor our peanut with honey! Half kg shellless peanuts
2 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons of oil
If your peanuts are shells, separate them from the shells. If the peanuts are not roasted, heating in a 200 degree oven for 10-15 minutes to release the oil. Shake the peanuts in a while. At the end of 10- 15 minutes, remove the peanuts from the oven and separate them from the inner shells. Without waiting for the peanuts to cool, take it into your kitchen processor and grind the peanuts. It is necessary to be patient at this stage. Putting the peanuts in the meantime for 10 minutes without forgetting to rest, continue to run until the peanuts become liquefied. When the peanuts come to the consistency, we add honey and oil into the machine. You can put hazelnut oil or another preferred oil. We mix all the ingredients in our kitchen processor for about 1 minute and homemade peanut butter is ready! Enjoy your meal! [Button link = “ 100 grams: calories 567 kcal carbohydrate 16.1 g fiber 8.5 g protein 25.8 g fat 44.2 g calcium 92 mg iron 4.6 mg potassium 705 mg 100 %domestic production roasted peanuts with peanuts and shells without shells and peanuts without shell You can buy. Our products are new cases. They are grown in Muğla/ Menteşe region. It is a clean agricultural product. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.