Heavy metal detox is short or long -term detox in the body that aims to remove the toxic metals accumulated in the body from the body.
Heavy metals accumulated in the body have numerous negative effects on health.
Heavy metals may affect the primary functioning of the brain, liver and lung in the body.
High levels of heavy metal in the body can also adversely affect the blood structure and blood values, the energy level of the body.
Long -term exposure to heavy metals is thought to be associated with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.
What are the heavy metals? arsenic
Iron are some of the heavy metals.
Some of these metals are useful for our body when taken in small amounts such as zinc or iron. However, when the amount of exposed increases is too much, they are also damaging rather than benefits for our body.

How do heavy metals enter the body? So what channels do these various heavy metals enter our body? Is it possible to avoid this?
The foods we consume, the water we drink and even breathe with these various heavy metals enter our body.
Pesticides in foods
Industrial Wastes
Fossil fuels are heavy metal sources.

What are the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning? Symptoms of long -term exposure can be very diverse. If you have heavy metal toxicity or if you only suspect such a possibility, it is of great importance to receive medical diagnosis and treatment!
Symptoms vary according to the type of metal exposed.
stomach ache
Nausea and vomiting
Difficulty in breathing is usually the first symptoms.

Detox applications are performed under the supervision of professional physicians under advanced high -level metal exposure.
In these applications, various drugs connected to these heavy metals are used.
All of these applications are called watering therapy.

How is heavy metal test performed?
Various tests are performed to measure the metal level accumulated in the body before the application. For these tests, you can take a blood sample, urinary sample or hair roller.
These applications are medical applications applied by professionals. It is definitely not the applications you can do on your own.
In addition to these professional applications, there are simple detox applications that you can rain on your own.
In these applications, the basic logic is obtained from food that can electrically attract metals accumulated in the body.
Heavy metal detox, for example, are two nutrients that are thought to help the coriander and spirulina can help move heavy metals from the body.
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How to throw mercury from the body?
Like Spirulina, Chlorella can help get rid of heavy metals. Studies show that it may be effective especially in the mercury rate.
With fruit, vegetables and whole wheat grains, the fiber taken into the body can help to remove heavy metals.
Sulfur -rich foods such as garlic and broccoli can support the disposal of metals.
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Foods containing selenium and selenium can help to remove mercury from the body.
Care should be taken when using all these foods and supplements. And primarily a healthcare professional should be consulted.
Sesame oil heavy metal sesame oil is thought to be effective in the disposal of heavy metals from the body. This fat, which is taken into the body as tahini, sesame seeds or direct sesame oil, can help the body purify from heavy metals. It is believed that the tradition of eating tahini halva after fish consumption is also related to this relationship. Wild thyme Inner picker walnut tahin Sesame Paste [/Button] [Button Link =” https://egepazarindan.com/buhur/ “Newwindow =” Yes “] Daily Depression [/Button] [Button Link =” https://egepazarindan.com/ Energy-Cleanism/”Newwindow =” Yes “] Energy Cleaning [/Button] [Button Link =” https://egepazarindan.com/cig-susam/ “Color =” Teal “Newwindow =” Yes “] button] Centaury Oil [/Button] [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/adacayi-demet/” Newwindow = “Yes”] Sage