Rosehip seed oil contains the basic fatty acids required for tissue and cell regeneration on your skin and is a rich oil in antioxidants.
Helps make the skin look more vivid and bright.
It helps to heal the scars faster. Moreover, the rosehip of the nucleus helps to get rid of scars, burns and acne.
Is rosehip seed oil used for eye area?
Rosehip seed oil; The effect of thin lines formed on the skin -dependent on the skin, the effect of the appearance of the goose feet around the eye is surprising. There is no harm in the use of oil around the eye with a very sensitive tissue.
However, the quality of the oil used is important at this point. In addition, another important point is that when using the oil, the contact with the eye should definitely avoid.
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It is a kind of natural care oil suitable for daily use with its effects on soothing redness, moisturizing dry skin and illuminating the skin.

Does rosehip oil make acne? This oil acts as a strong moisturizer. It is quite suitable for most skin and healthy br care oil.
Rarely, it is thought to have an effect on increasing acne formation in some fatty skin types in excessive use. This is quite rare and a situation reported by a small number of users.
Most of the time, it has a acne stop effect that has not yet emerged with a contrary effect but has a sensitivity.

Is rosenu effect on skin blemishes? Yes, a skin complaint with rosehip oil has a positive effect.
Rosehip can be used to get rid of sun -related skin blemishes. Night use is recommended, not day by day.
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How to make rosehip oil at home? Rosehip oil and rosehip seed oil are two different species of oil. Rosehip seed oil is obtained by cold squeezing method and is difficult to produce at home.
Rosehip oil can be boiled and easily obtained from fresh rosehip fruits in the home environment.
Over heavy heat, at least 5 hours of bud fresh rosehip fruits are obtained by boiling and draining by bottling.
The obtained oil is not as intense as well as the seed of rosehip seeds, but it is valuable. It should be stored in a dark environment in a dark environment.
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