Easy Granola Recipe is waiting for you in this article! With this recipe, your home will smell like you!
Easy Granola Recipe: Healthy Granola Simple Homemade Granola recipe is very rich in protein, fiber and healthy oils. It is not too sweet when it doesn’t have intense sugar.
It is of course possible to obtain a sweeter granola by increasing the rate of dry fruit.
Fresh fruit and yogurt together with breakfasts or snacks you can consume granos of plenty of walnuts, almonds and oats are full!
For each meal, as much as half a cup of homemade granola increases enough!
Homemade Granola Recipe: Artificial Candy Granola Granola Ingredients
8 cups of oatmeal
Half a glass of inner walnuts
Half a cup of raw almonds
1 teaspoon of dust cinnamon
Half a cup of raw honey (flower honey or pine honey can be preferred)
Half a cup of vegetable oil (almond oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, coconut oil or other desired odorless vegetable oil can be preferred.)
1 slightly dry fruit from 1 glass of water (apricot, grapes, cherries, mulberry .. You can use the dried fruits that you want or in your hand) quantity can be reduced or increased according to sugar desire.
Preparation of
Let’s start by heating the oven to 150º C degrees.
On another side, let’s pass our almonds and walnuts through the kitchen processor. This process should be quite short.
Walnuts and almonds should be broken, but should not be crumbled like flour.
Let’s blend the nuts and oats we pass through the robot in a container. Let’s set this mixture aside.

Easy Granola Recipe: Honey Granola
Herbal oil and honey in the stove at very low temperature for 3 minutes, let’s mix well.
Let’s pour the mixture of honey and vegetable oil on the mixture of nuts and oats.
Let’s lay the mixture on a large baking tray.
The oven should be heated for 30 minutes in advance. Let’s put our tray in the hot oven and cook for 20 minutes.
At the end of 20 minutes, let’s close the oven, but let’s not remove the tray. Our granos should stay in the oven for another 15 minutes.
This will make the grano really crisp.
When the fruit granola granola at home slowly cools down, add the dried fruits and cinnamon and break the mixture well and mix.
Finally, let’s take the glass jars that we will store our granao and consume it with pleasure in the meals we want. Breakfast Granola is ready!
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